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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

It’s a cloudy Sunday morning on the East Coast, but the dreary weather simply gives soccer fans another excuse to stay in and watch a loaded schedule of games.

From the Everton-Arsenal match that is about to kick off, to the Milan Derby and Argentine Super Clasico, to the DC United-Colorado Rapids match (otherwise known as the Christian Gomez derby), there is something for everybody.

Here is today’s schedule of games on TV:


  • 8:30am- Setanta USA- Everton at Arsenal
  • 9am- FSC- Inter Milan at AC Milan
  • 11am- FSC- Manchester City at Liverpool
  • 11am- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Wolfsburg
  • Noon- Setanta USA- Lille at St. Etienne
  • 1pm- GolTV- Valencia at Barcelona
  • 2pm- FSC- River Plate at Boca Juniors
  • 3pm- Telefutura- D.C. United at Colorado Rapids
  • 3pm- GolTV- Real Madrid at Osasuna
  • 3pm- Setanta USA- Bordeaux at Marseille
  • 4pm- FSC- Fiorentina at Cagliari
  • 5pm- GolTV- Getafe at Villarreal
  • 5:15pm- Setanta USA- Leceister at Stoke (Coca Cola Championship)
  • 7pm- GolTV- Millonarios at Once Caldas
  • 11pm- Setanta USA- Hull at Ipswich

If you will be watching the action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play by play with the rest of the SBI readers. It should be a fun day of action.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. Did anyone else who watched the AC Milan-Inter game on FSC think it was the most poorly announced game ever? It was extremely difficult to listen to with the commentator screaming at the top of his lungs the entire game (and not in a good way). I actually muted the game and watched half of it with no sound on. Poor job, FSC.

  2. Sublicon,

    Actually, I’m a Detroit Red Wings fan. Enjoy mediocrity in your arena that you can’t sellout except when your rivals’ fans show up!

  3. Not that Demerit wants to come state side, but he is NOT starting regularly at Watford any more. Demerit most likely will be moving on to somewhere else this summer, but I would doubt it is to anyone in MLS.

  4. >>What gives anyone the impression that demerit is eager to play in the MLS yet?<<

    He will want to leave when Hull City demolishes his side in the Championship play-offs. Trust me, he'll be traumatized.

  5. what gives anyone the impression that demerit is eager to play in the MLS yet? He’s playing in England, a regular starter for Watford, getting paid well, getting paid in POUNDS, why would he be back?

  6. Well DC continues to be a disastor in Denver. Maybe they can make it 10 years without winning there. I gotta say I’m not sure what Soehn is thinking with his 3 man D. It is leaky at best and poor Martinez looked like he was going to die about 2/3rds through the game after playing on the side. With Olsen not coming back; Emilio not in form and 2nd rate midfielders like Simms and Davachenko they aren’t good enough. Ugh. They really could use Jay DeMerit!

  7. Congrats to Real Madrid! 07-08 La Liga Champs!!! What a huge comeback a man down to win, with 2 goals in the final 5 minutes after Osasuna scored on a PK in the 83rd. Yeeehaw!!

  8. Sublicon,

    The Flyers are in the Conference Finals, and the Rangers skull fucked your Devils in the first round. Maybe you should concentrate on soccer instead of making yourself look foolish with hockey talk.

  9. And can anyone explain to me why the Telefutura announcer keeps calling Gonzalot Peralta “el Polako Peralta?” I thought Peralta was Argentine, not Polish.

  10. MiamiAl, you wouldn’t be saying that if Darren McCarty were here staring you down. So be a good monkey and bounce your own head off of some plexiglas.

  11. Inter vs A.C. Milan was like the old timers game…there are like 2 players on each team below the age of 25, and most of the players are in their 30s…hehe was good game though

  12. The Man City-Liverpool game is predictably sleepy. The scousers are dominating but not scoring. The citizens look confused about this game with a ball, grass, and matching outfits.

  13. I think today’s D.C. United vs. Colorado rapids is a very important game for United. Have they turned the corner of their awful start? Was last week the beginning of United’s rise to the top like last year? Is not having Fred going to hurt? And of course the Gallardo vs. Gomez subplot.

  14. If anyone cares, the Demerit thing took another turn this week, with him saying that the manager has basically lost control, and that he wants out. At least, that’s how it was spun, but from the actual quotes I saw, he was far less specific in his criticism, he just said he’d had some disagreements with the manager, but everyone needs to pull together. Of course, his manager decided to drop him entirely for today’s must-win game against Blackpool, which Watford are currently losing. I’m hoping either Fulham (if they stay up) or another newly promoted/lower table EPL team take a look at him, because it doesn’t seem like Watford is a very good place to be.


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