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Time for Ronaldinho to leave Barcelona, but where will he go?


To the surprise of nobody, Barcelona has admitted that it is time for Ronaldinho to go.

But where will he go?

You have to admit that it seems a bit strange for Barca president Joan LaPorta to publicly admit that Ronaldinho needs to leave when the club is still trying to sell him at an astronomical price.

What clubs are in the mix realistically? AC Milan appears to have been scared off and we haven’t heard much from Chelsea after the Blues were linked to Ronaldinho last year. Who is left? Manchester City? MLS?

Where do you see Ronaldinho going? More importantly, what club would you like to see him go to?


  1. @leonardo rabelo – And Ronnie played how many games last season? Yes he has talent, but I don’t think he has the drive. Ronnie will be a Schevchenko like signing if any team is stupid enough to splash that much cash for him. Talented, but ultimately innefective (although Ronnie’s will be more to do with injuries and lack of drive, over Sheva’s old and no confidence).

    In my world, the MLS is important because other then the USL, what else do we have?

    You say graveyard, I say European Retirement League (30+ age group).

  2. Most of the readers here just don’t get it. The MLS is a third-class league, with no importance in the world. It’s seen as a graveyard for has-been players, which is certainly not the case of Ronaldinho.Open your eyes, guys!

  3. Ronaldinho to MLS now = NO – because he would require a huge transfeer fee!

    Becks was a “free” Transfer, so was Angel I believe.


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