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Wanted: Andrei Arshavin


If you missed Zenit St. Petersburg’s 2-0 UEFA Cup triumph against Rangers FC then you missed the international coming out party of Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin. The 26-year-old forward/midfielder dazzled on both Zenit goals and stands at the top of the list of Zenit players now being coveted by Europe’s top teams.

If you haven’t seen him play, here is a compilation of some pretty impressive moves from a quick and skillful player who is equally adept at playing as a second forward or a playmaker:


Not bad for a player who most casual soccer fans in the United States didn’t know about before this week.

If you’re circling the calendar to watch him at this summer’s European Championships, you will have to wait a while. Arshavin is suspended for Russia’s first two games, which leaves him one game to work his magic and pump up a growing transfer value.

So where do you see Arshavin winding up? Chelsea? Somewhere in the Bundesliga? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I would love to see him go to either Chelsea or Bayern. If Diego leaves Werder, Arshavin might be a good fit there as well.

  2. He won’t make it. He’s already past his prime.

    sidefootsitter told me, if you dont make it in Europe by 22 or 23 there’s no hope for you.

    you can’t possibly go to the ‘big’ leagues at 26 and hope to become a real star. it’s impossible.

  3. Hamburg or Werder Bremen as a replacement for Van der Vaart or Diego. Both look like moving this summer, especially Van der Vaart, and Arshavin makes sense.

    Stuttgart would be a good fit as well.

  4. He’d fit in well with Spain, but he’d be best advised to intially go to a club where he will be relied on heavily like Mostovoi and Karpin were at Celta Vigo during their hey dey. A club like Sevilla, Villereal, or Zaragoza would be ideal. Bacelona and Real Madrid will come for him if he proves himself at one of the lesser clubs.

  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA… the US England and US Argentina on ESPN Classic? Please tell me FSC will have these? I’d I’m screwed for watching those games I’m considering applying the shotgun mouthwash

  6. I bet he goes to the Bundesliga, I know Bayern have asked about him, of course since they got a first hand look at the guy. Though I am realy not sure if he will go to Bayern, as I see him going to one of the other top 4 clubs in the league.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks he plays like Messi with less pace and less tricks…the quick little moves they do is quite similar.

  8. I know a guy who went to grade school with this Arshavin character. He said he was a nose-picker and a general all around ne’er do well. I can’t imagine him doing well anywhere.

  9. I really hope Russia can survive without Arshavin in the first round, but I doubt it. Stupid red card against Andorra of all teams.

    The song is 60 Miles an Hour by New Order.

    Good song

  10. It’s a shame he’s out with a suspension for Russia’s first two Euro matches. They are certainly better with him on the pitch. He’s spent his whole career so far at Zenit, maybe he won’t be so quick to leave? If he does though, I’ll guess A.S. Roma.

  11. Great clip! Although there was some pretty bad defending there, and I say that as a Galaxy fan.

    Does anyone know what the band/song was?


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