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You Write the Caption: The Best of the Sven/Nery and Galaxy photos

Good afternoon folks. The results of the most recent You Write the Caption are finally here.

In case you missed it, I posted two photos in the last YWTC, one of Nery Castillo and Sven Goran Erikkson sharing a moment, and another photo of David Beckham and teammates staring high into the air. They weren’t the two funniest photos ever, but I wanted to see if you all could spin some magic.

The results are in and it is clear that the Galaxy photo was the better one to work with. I was only able to come up with five very good captions for the Sven-Nery photo, while I completed a full Top 10 of captions for the Galaxy photo.

The reader with the best caption of the bunch will receive a free t-shirt courtesy of SBI sponsor Objective Apparel.  As always, SBI readers can receive free shipping on t-shirts bought from Objectivo. Simply type in the promo code IVES to receive free shipping.

Now without further delay, here are the best captions from the most recent YWTC:

The Top 5 captions for the Sven-Nery photo:


5. So Nery… have the guys from Mexico meet me under those stands after the game, and we can wrap up the deal. And they’ve got your share, I promise. (BRANT)

4. "Castillo, you look confused. I thought only English players didn’t understand my tactics. Are you sure you aren’t English?" (JOHN)

3. Erikkson to Nery: "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women." (Chupacabra)

2. Nery, I’m replacing hugo! you have to remember Hugo. He was this tall with a big fro? (GIL)

1. Nevermind what my right hand is doing. Look at my left hand! (Pablo Chicago)

And the Top 10 captions for the Galaxy photo:


10. Says David Beckham to his teammates, "There. You see? That’s how high my salary is compared to yours." (DOMINGHOSA)

9. Abel: "See that cloud up there? THAT’S how high I was when I thought this was a good look for me." (SF)

8. "The Galaxy players meet their newest signing, Peter Crouch (SBI)

7. Beckham- "That’s it, Landon is not taking any more corner-kicks……!!" (MIGHTY)

6. Galaxy players watch during an Alan Gordon finishing drill. (MARK)

5. After receiving word of the horror, the Iraqi government sent its air force over the Home Depot center to drop MREs and water for the Galaxy’s scorched back line. (MIKE CARAMBA)

4. A strong gust of wind sends Posh Spice into Orbit. (DAVE MARTINEZ)

3. Yeah Abel, that smog sure aint helping your hair any. (Zungazan)

2. Beckham and Roberts: "No Abel, there is no spaceship to take you back to the home planet. Now focus on the game please." (ILYA)

And the winner for best caption in the most recent You Write the Caption is:

1. The Galaxy players were not at all surprised when Alexi Lalas’s overinflated ego broke off and floated away. (KENOBI)

Congratulations to Kenobi, who has won a free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel. Thanks to all of you who took part and definitely be on the look out for another You Write the Caption contest this week.


  1. Someone had written for the Sven caption something along the lines of “I want my hedges trimmed about this tall.”

    That one should have won!!!

  2. btw Ives, any Mexican with common sense knows that the Mexican sports media are a bunch of hacks who have little to none journalistic integrity. It’s actually kinda sad.

  3. Woo-hoo! Thanks, Ives. I never win anything. Oh wait! I still haven’t. That’s okay. NYRB’s humiliating defeat on Sunday was reward enough for me. ; – )

  4. Don’t worry Ives, I’m gonna be eating some of that humble pie myself and just so you know I was just messing around and I hope nobody takes it too seriously. I meant to go back and look up a certain post that was just full of less the pleasant comments but I’m @ work and my internet access is limited to my boss not walking by my cubicle.


  5. Sven is not going to Mexico. He is going to Chelsea, but only to add an exciting new plot twist to next season’s “I’m On Setanta Sports.”

  6. Christian, you really should re-read what I wrote regarding Sven/Mexico. I didn’t think Sven/Mexico was a good fit, my comment had NOTHING to do with thinking that Sven wouldn’t even consider Mexico as if Mexico were some second-rate job. Why would anyone say Mexico’s job is less than top-notch? The team is loaded with young world-class talent and the federation has big money to offer a big contract. What manager wouldn’t consider that. My remarks were also aimed at Mexican media for jumping the gun on the deal, which they clearly did.

  7. It seems to be a done deal with Sven coming to watch the two friendlies against Argentina and Peru and also the WCQ following those games.

    You smell that Ives? That’s some humble pie I’ve been baking for all the doubters, including yourself, who thought Sven wouldn’t even consider coming to Mexico.

    Just let me know if you’d like some whip cream with your slice Ives.



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