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Altidore’s Red Bulls career is over (UPDATED)



(Jozy Altidore will not play in the Red Bulls match against Chivas USA, effectively putting to an end his three-year career with the Red Bulls.)

While Jozy Altidore’s record-setting transfer to Villarreal won’t become official until July 1, his Red Bull career may already be over, and if it isn’t, what remains will only consist of a short cameo appearance.

According to multiple sources, Altidore will not start for the Red Bulls tonight against Chivas USA, will not play for the club beyond tonight and may not even be in uniform for tonight’s match. The best Red Bulls fans wanting to see Altidore in a Red Bulls uniform one last time can hope for is an appearance as a late-game substitute, which would serve as his final farewell to Red Bulls fans.

Altidore did not train again after picking up an ankle injury on Monday in training, which means he probably wouldn’t have started even if his pending multi-million transfer to Villarreal wasn’t looming, but sources have told SBI that Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has told his players that Altidore no longer figures into any of the team’s future plans.

Altidore is set to join the U.S. national team this weekend for Sunday’s friendly against Argentina on Sunday (his status for that match remains unclear), then is expected to take part in the extended national team camp ahead of upcoming World Cup qualifying matches against Barbados on June 15 and 22. After a week off, Altidore will then travel to Spain to make his transfer to Villarreal official on July 1.


  1. Good bye Jozy,

    I had dreamed of him and Angel scoring goals at the new stadium in Harrison. I guess it was only a dream. Hopefully we can still see Angel doing it next year.

  2. herb- ah yes, in true Metro spirit…. get rid of the coach after a season…

    and you wonder why your team has ZERO consistancy….

  3. Jozy got a proper reception from the ESC at halftime. He came out did the goodbye waves, did an interview or two and moved on.

  4. im very upset they didnt even have altidore on bench in the game.. i left work early almost got fired jus to see jozy one last time and he dosent play.. i been a metro fan for 10 years now and i have never beeen more upset with club… they have to remember that fans wouldve loved to seee jozy play one last time.. mayb give him one last intro.. but to no even bench him it sucks for the true fans.. osorio is offically on my “get out of new york list” with mike magee

  5. YankatOxford- i agree that it would be smart for Jozy to skip the olympics and focus on club if he aims to do well and get a starting spot ASAP..

    with McBride in the possible rotation, it may not hurt us to have jozy sit it out.. altho id love to see both jozy and McBride up top….

    anyways, we’ll see… im sure Jozy will look at his options and im sure his club will hint at what they’d like… who knows, perhaps they’ll see it as valueable experience…

  6. Aguinaga- ur wrong… the only people crying are a few of the redbull fans… the rest of the league’s fans are happy Jozy wont be suiting up as a redbull again…

    the rest of the league’s fans couldnt care less about JCO on this topic…

    what is the NY/NJ idea of crying anyway?? you redbull’ers post it all the time, especially when noone is crying… odd, eh??

  7. JCO really hates Altidore… i think he’s just trying to pass the blame for why his insane lineups never work.

  8. gotta love it, the morons always come out to play when there’s big news on Ives’s blog.

    good for jozy, now we can move on.


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