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Euro 2008: Matchday Five (Group A)


Now that all four groups in the European Championships have played at least one match, it is time for teams to start moving closer to qualifying for the quarterfinals.

Today’s Group A action puts Portugal against the Czech Republic (11:50am, ESPN2) in a match-up of teams that won their first games of the tournament. The winner of today’s match, if there is one, will be the first team to qualify for the second round of the tournament.

Switzerland and Turkey will look to keep their quarterfinal hopes alive when they square off in today’s late game (2:30pm, ESPN2). The Swiss outplayed the Czechs in their opening game but losing captain Alexander Frei could prove to be too tough a blow to overcome.

I will do a running commentary on the Portugal-Czech match so please feel free to use this post to discuss the Turkey-Switzerland match as well as any other Euro 2008 Tournament topics you would like.

Enjoy the action.


  1. D-SASTER!!! Turkey snatch a goal on the counter at 90’+2. While some might say that the Swiss were exposed by there own push forward to get a winner, but the real problem was the defense being content to jog down the field with the attacker, instead of closing him down and making a freakin’ tackle.

    Portugal are through to 2nd round, and Turkey – Czech will play for the other spot.

  2. Nice goal back by Turkey, 1-1 67th in a surprisingly good match.

    BTW, just announced, Big Phil will coach Chelsea after Euros

  3. Switzerland open the scoring, and are ripping Turkey to shreds (as weird as that sounds).

    The game is being played in a downpour, with the field quickly becoming a swamp. That nearly cost the Swiss goal one, a nice centering pass hit a puddle and nearly stopped before it reached the attacker.


  4. Tony, it all depends on your internet service provider. I can use ESPN360 at home where I have SBC Yahoo, but not at work. You might be SOL unless you can find a P2P feed from Zombotchistan.

  5. I think we will see some good matches today because of the prospect that a team can clinch a berth in the quarterfinals or be eliminated. Portugal should beat Czech Republic but I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggled and maybe even draw the match. Having said that, I’ll take Ronaldo and Co. for a 2-1 victory. I don’t know what to make of the other match. The attacking style of the Turks and the absence of Frei for the Swiss side make me lean towards a 2-0 victory for Turkey, but again I would not be surprised to see a draw or perhaps the home crowd willing their team to victory.


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