Introducing the Designated Players

Introducing the Designated Players


Introducing the Designated Players



If you have been wondering what in the world these banners were about, wonder no more. No, there is no new soccer website launching and no, I’m not merging with anybody. The logo represents the affiliation of five American soccer websites that you may or may not already know about and frequent.

The Offside Rules, This is American Soccer, The Original Winger, DuNord and Soccer By Ives are combining in an active, though informal, affiliation. Basically we’re all fans of each other’s work and believe that, together, we can help fill all the web-surfing needs of American soccer fans.

Call us the Fab Five if you will. And no, we’re not saying we’re the five best sites around, but if you make the Designated Players websites standard reading, you should always be able to satisfy your soccer fix.

To check out the Designated Players sites, just click on the banners in the left column of the site and enjoy.

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