Live commentary from the Nash Charity Game

Live commentary from the Nash Charity Game


Live commentary from the Nash Charity Game


hey all. I’m coming to you from behind the south goal at the nash-reyna charity game. Reyna and jozy are playing. I will check in when i can.

It is a zoo here with tons of people surrounding the gates.

Goal solomon kalou, assist from jason kidd.

Red bulls fans wont like it but reyna has two shots already. I

f you are wondering why im writing like this im writing on my phone.

GOAL Baron Davis on an assist from JOZY ALTIDORE. Leandro Barbosa just knocked Kalou off the ball.

GOAL Mcnanaman to put nashes team on the board. Goals by Henry and Barbosa have given Nash’s team a 3-2.

Make that 4-2 thanks to Fowler.

Henry makes it 5-2 a PK.

Not a ton of tricks today. Henry and Kalou are the class today.

Reyna just scored a PK. I wish I was kidding. Its halftime.

Baron Davis sends the first shot over the fence.

Henry has shown off more in the second half. He’s not bad.

GOAL Fowler from Mcnanaman. Just like the old days.

Fowler scores on a PK after Baron Davis stopped a goal-bound shot with his hand.

GOAL Nash after Henry gets stoned by Red Bulls ticket sales guru Mike Quarino. I have no idea what the score is but Nash’s team is winning big.

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