Ronaldinho to Milan still alive?

Ronaldinho to Milan still alive?

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Ronaldinho to Milan still alive?



Just when you thought AC Milan was finished considering Ronaldinho as a summer acquisition comes word from the Brazilian star that AC Milan is the only team he wants to play for.

I’m still trying to figure out why a Milan team with an aging midfielder thinks bringing on a player with fitness concerns is a good idea, but then again if Ronaldinho gets close to his old form back then a Ronaldinho-Kaka-Pato trio would be pretty amazing.

If Ronaldinho does go to Milan then at least one of their veteran midfielders will have to leave. Will it be Pirlo, Gattuso or Ambrosini? Is Clarence Seedorf as good as gone?

What do you think of Ronaldinho going to Milan? Would he be better off at Manchester City? Staying at Barcelona? Share your thoughts below.

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