Mourinho named Inter Milan manager

Mourinho named Inter Milan manager

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Mourinho named Inter Milan manager



Inter Milan has named former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as the club’s new manager, ending months and months of speculation as to where ‘The Special One’ might wind up.

Now the real question becomes: Which players will make their way to Milan to be reunited with Mourinho? Michael Essien had been linked, while Didier Drogba seems like a good bet to go as well. Deco is looking for work and would surely be interested in reuniting with his former Porto manager. I also could see Ricardo Carvalho finding a way out of Stamford Bridge to rejoin Mourinho.

It isn’t as if the cupboard is bare at Inter either? Inter Milan boasts one of the most talent-laden rosters in European soccer, which makes it all the more interesting to see what Mourinho can do with the Serie A champions.

Was anybody really shocked by this turn of events? You could see it coming as soon as Inter Milan was eliminated from the Champions League (check the fifth paragraph).

What do you think of the news? Who do you see joining Mourinho at Inter? Share your thoughts below.

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