Quiet Down, It's Movie Time

Quiet Down, It's Movie Time


Quiet Down, It's Movie Time


Alright everyone back to your seats, it’s World Studies time. Today we’re focusing on South America –Bolivia to be exact– a country whose rich futbol culture isn’t widely know in the States beyond the Moreno residence in Washington D.C.

Now we’re going to watch a film –a short film so don’t think you’re going to get a chance to sleep off last night’s Boone’s or Mad Dog binge. It’s from an upstart filmmaker by the name of Martin Toro and it focuses on a match between the capital city of La Paz’s two rival sides, Bolivar and the brilliantly named The Strongest.

It’s a gorgeous piece of film and it’s got nothing to with anything other than making all of you (and myself) a little more well-rounded and cultured to the world’s game. At the very least you can say you know that the teams involved exist…which may come in handy if you ever meet an attractive Bolivian and you need an in.

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