Euro 2008: Spain ousts Italy (A look back)

Euro 2008: Spain ousts Italy (A look back)


Euro 2008: Spain ousts Italy (A look back)



Spain’s curse is over.

You heard over and over about Spain’s history of losing penalty kick shootouts on the date June 22, along with the tradition of falling short in major tournaments. The Spanish national team was able to put that to bed on Sunday after its thrilling penalty shootout victory against Italy in the European Championship quarterfinals. No, Spain still hasn’t lifted the trophy, but getting this far has helped validate a talented team that may now have the confidence to finish the task.

Spain deserved it in every sense of the word. The Spanish attacked more than Italy, created more chances and just looked like the better team for much of the 120 minutes of soccer. Italy defended well and played a physical game, but lacked creativity and failed to generate much offense.

And then there were four. Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain. It isn’t quite the semifinal group most would have expected, but all four have earned their places. Germany has been resolute, Turkey has been inspiring, Russia has been dynamic and Spain has been quality throughout the tournament.

What did you think of Spain’s victory? Share your thoughts below.

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