The Cure for Euro Withdrawal

The Cure for Euro Withdrawal


The Cure for Euro Withdrawal



Admit it, you’re feeling a little down today.

After 16 straight days of great European Championship action, we are coping with the first off-day of the tournament. The first of two off days actually. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit of withdrawal and no, watching a replace of USA-Barbados isn’t the cure.

So what can you do during these two soccer-less days? I’ve been dealing with laptop issues that have made things rough in SBI-land the past few days but there is still plenty to do for the bored soccer fan waiting for Germany-Turkey to kick off on Wednesday. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fire up the Football/Championship Manager.
  • Watch the TIVO replay of USA-Argentina.
  • Catch up on all the news and gossip in the European transfer market.
  • Figure out whether you can afford to pay to travel to that USA-Trinidad & Tobago away qualifier.
  • Vote for the MLS All-Star game.
  • Scan YouTube for videos of all the Euro 2008 stars who you didn’t know about before the tournament.
  • Order some Procede and find out whether or not Giuseppe Franco is full of crap.
  • Scan YouTube for videos of Eddie Johnson and Chad Barrett missed shot compilations (what, nobody has made these videos yet?).
  • Order your Jozy Altidore Villarreal jersey.
  • Go tanning then buy a white dress shirt so you can rock the Fatih Terim look.
  • Get an early start on your Abel Xavier Halloween Costume.

This should be enough to get you through these days. Now it’s your turn. What have you been doing to combat Euro 2008 withdrawal? Share your suggestions below.

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