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USA adds Cooper, Moor to roster vs. Argentina


The U.S. national team has added FC Dallas forward Kenny Cooper and defender Drew Moor to its roster for Sunday’s friendly vs. Argentina.

Cooper’s exclusion from the initial 19-man roster had drawn the biggest complaints, and rightly so considering how well he has played for FC Dallas this season (and how poorly U.S. forwards have played in recent weeks).

Here is the full 21-man USA roster for Sunday’s friendly at Giants Stadium:

Goalkeepers– Dominic Cervi (out of contract), Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton FC)

Defenders– Dan Califf (FC Midtjylland), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Drew Moor (FC Dallas).

Midfielders– Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Maurice Edu (Toronto FC), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Eddie Lewis (Derby County), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)

Forwards– Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas).

What do you think about Cooper and Moor being added? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Posted on USSOCCER BLOG

    Here’s the USA’s starters for the match against No. 1-ranked Argentina:


    Cherundolo, Califf, Onyewu, Pearce

    Dempsey, Bradley, Mastroeni, Beasley

    —–Johnson——Donovan (c)———

    Four changes to the team that lined up against Spain four days ago. Danny Califf slots into central defense replacing Carlos Bocanegra, while Pablo Mastroeni patrols the center of the park in place of Maurice Edu. DaMarcus Beasley gets his second start of the three-match set.

  2. Good move by bradley. lets hope this addition to the roster is more due to his “expertise” rather than pressure from fans next door.

    Adu-Cooper?Possibly.Might be a bit risky.They’re both very young inexperienced but both very composed players. Moor….i dunno i mean in his game versus mexico he didnt exactly mark to well…the man who scored was the one he was supposed to be on…and he scored twice….BUT he provided the,if i do say so myself,goosebump beckoning cross straight to altidore who finished with a gorgeous header…(his first int. goal) i cant really see more starting…probably a second half sub(if califf doesnt get in first). but either way bradley made the right choice.

  3. I like that the big man Copper is in there and he should start.

    I would use this as my line-up:







  4. I’d start Cooper up front. Saw the game Friday night. He is big & dangerous when he gets the ball. Oh, he’s also fast, can hold the ball and has a rifle of a shot.

    Needless to say I think he is our best FWD option right NOW, behind McBride who is retired.

  5. jonathan- are you one of those people who thought our fifa ranking before the world cup was accurate??

    winning against top teams?? sorry but take any coach and we’d still lose 7 out of 10 times against england and spain and argentina… quite frankly we arent that good… we can handle mid teams, such as sweden and poland, but far from being able to consistantly handle top teams…. we simply dont have the quality of depth…

    you set to high of standards for the national side…. if we had england caliber and still lost in this fashion then id understand …. but we arent england caliber… its high time some fans come to realize we arent at that point yet

  6. The only thing this changes is the subs.

    I still think our best XI from this roster are:


    E. Lewis – Adu – Donovan

    Edu – Bradley

    Pearce – Demerit – Gooch – Dolo


    The subs I’d like to see are:

    Cooper (for Dempsey)

    DMB (for E. Lewis)

    Kljestan (for Bradley at the 60-70 min mark)

    Califf (for one of the def)

    Guzan (for Howard)

    Look, we have 2 goals:

    – Get a result against Argentina (or show that we’re competitive in the first half)

    – Find out who can play at this level

    I think the first goal is more important in the first half. In the 2nd half, to me, the 2nd goal is more important. So, i know he’s not good, but I’d try Moor one more time. My rationale is to find out for sure whether Moor deserve to play. We know Wolff can’t cut it and EJ should NOT play (but may, if we have injuries to our forwards). I’d like to see if Moor can play. Let’s see if he can play himself on (or off) the MNT.

  7. Most likely startging 11






    My starting 11





  8. If I didn’t have a feeling Bradley was going to put out an eleven that doesn’t have the scoring bit I would feel like we actually have a chance to get a result. I would like to see this line up Sunday:


    Dolo Demerit Onyewu Pierce

    Lando Bradley Dempsey Beasley

    Adu Cooper

    I don’t see it happening though.

  9. i don’t know… i think it would be a toss-up between wynne and moor for the worst US right back to have been recently called up… were you guys watching copa america??

  10. The last I saw Moor, he was stupidly elbowing Jeff Larentowicz in the head in the penalty area, leading to the winning goal for the Revolution. Good job! Maybe I’m just a homer for the Revs, but I’m wondering why Michael Parkhurst doesn’t get a fair shot at the squad.

  11. Drew Moor !!! YES!! I didnt see him give up enough goals against Mex. Im sure he will fare better against Arg.

  12. Brett, BB bashing won’t get old until he starts winning games against top ranked opponents… Until then I’m going to bash until we get a european coach or a coach who knows how to field an attacking formation and play players who can put the ball in the damn net

  13. Does anyone know if Moor can play left back? I was wondering if he was added for that purpose? Califf and Demerit are just centerbacks, right?

    I think the suggestion of Donovan and Cooper up top could be very productive especially with Adu right behind them. Then Beasley could switch to the right and have Lewis play on the left. I think that would be dangerous, but we would have to give up a defensive midfielder.






    I think Dempsey should start on the bench this game. He has looked out of form and out of gas.

  14. jamin barnes… i agree rogers deserves a call up but he is also probably getting picked on the olympic squad…

    either way im glad Cooper got called in… if anyone saw him play on friday you’d understand… he had 3-4 great chances that were snuffed out by an amazing performance by Reis…

    Ives- if reis doesnt make your top 11 this week then i dont know when he ever will

    not to many posts have been made, but how is there still BB bashing?? he had a 19 man squad so it was obvious he was brining in others, and he happens to do so and brings in a favorite of the fans to be selected and he still gets bashed?? its getting old

  15. Johnny – I would prefer to see DeMerit too, but I have a feeling it will be Califf. I don’t like the choice of Moor either, hopefully he won’t be needed.

    Sounderfan – I would like to see that lineup. But will coach BB let go of Johnson and give somebody else a chance?

  16. I’m glad to see Cooper getting a call up. I’m not feeling Moor though. There are better defenders in the MLS. At some point I’d like to see Robbie Rogers get called up. Sub him on at minute 60, as a spark off the bench. I can see him giving defenders problems. I just want to see Bob explore more attacking options.

  17. I’m glad to see Cooper getting his shot, but Moor give me a break. That dude can’t plan at that level. He was the sole reason we tied Mexico.

  18. As far as systems, I like the 4-2-3-1 we used vs Spain. It gives great defensive cover for Adu and gets the front 4 into the offense well. Especially with the options we have now, I don’t think having 2 forwards up top makes us more dangerous.

  19. Coop needed to be picked. Hopefully they give him a chance since he has been on form and poses a threat with his size. I wish they would have called Robbie Rogers too.

  20. forgot boca wasn’t on the roster, so here’s an edited foramtion

    cooper – dempsey

    lewis – bradley – adu – donovan

    pearce – demerit – gooch – dolo


  21. don’t like the inclusion of moor, but definitely like the inclusion of cooper.

    would like to see this formation

    cooper – dempsey

    lewis – bradley – adu – donovan

    pearce – boca – gooch – dolo


  22. savvy move coach- another attacker on the bench that you wont use to pacify fans pre-game, and another option (in moor) to bring on late for one of those pesky “forwards” you have to start games with to look like you care about scoring. that bradley is one smart dude…

  23. Both Cooper and Moor played 90 mins last night vs New England (weird, Fri game). Good call on RB depth chart, hoya. I think it makes sense to call in Moor to practice and see where he stacks up to Hejduk. As we’ve seen, 4th choice back suddenly is the backup with 2 injuries.

    As far as Cooper, doubt he’ll start but I hope at least he comes in at halftime if he doesn’t, I’m dying to see him get some minutes with the 1st team. It really wouldn’t be much of a consolation to see him play 15mins as the 5th sub.

  24. Well good now Cooper will get his shot and those who supported him better keep at it. And finally they are going to stop crying about him not playing for the US. Plus it does not mean BB is going to start him look at what happened with Jaqua.

  25. I’m glad to see Cooper picked. we need someone large like him to serve as a target. combine him with Onyewu on corners and you have two large targets

  26. I’d love to see an offensive-minded 4-4-2 for this game:






    Donovan speed with Cooper’s size, holding ability, creativity, and distribution could be a great combo, and both of them can finish. Plus, everyone in this lineup (except Adu) can be a benefit on defense, too.

  27. Not sure about the Moor selection. He was poor and at fault for one of the goals against Mexico in his last cap, although to be fair his cross led to Jozy’s goal. Not to mention he will be the third RB on this roster and is realisticly no better than 5th on the depth chart at RB when all are healthy (behind Dolo, Spector, Simek and Hejduk). We are a little thin at that spot due to injury (Spector, Simek) but I think we can make it through the summer just fine without Moor.

  28. Goalscorer24

    If Califf gets the call I will puke on the people who are sitting in front of me! I hope Jay Demerrit gets the start!

  29. Please tell me this Drew Moor tidbit is a joke. Like we really need to play defenders that specialize in allowing goals against Argentina. I mean, holy crap.

  30. Thank God! Cooper should have been called in for all of these “bigtime” friendlies. BB for whatever reason hac been apprehensive to bring him in. The guy came up through the Man U system so he must be worthy of at least a chance! My bigger problem with BB is that he continues to play his son at dmid when he has clearly thrived as an attacking mid at his club this year. Excuse me from stating the obvious but we need some players to score to win a match! Play MB at attacking mid and see what happens! I’ll be sweating in Giants stadium parking lot in approximately 23 hours! If the lots not open when I get there I’ll be going off roading in my honda accord! YEE HAAAAA! Fired UP!

  31. Wow people are tough on the coach. I think a lot more of the decisions BB makes are based on availability, injury status, etc. of players then most people realize. But I am glad to see the inclusion of Cooper because he hutsles (unlike Johnson). Maybe he gets a chance in the 2nd half to come on and play. Who do you think will star in place of Bocanegra? I’m guessing Califf.

  32. I can’t imagine Cooper will start, being such a late addition, but maybe BB realized how bad we need new options.

    Hopefully Moor won’t see the field, or just the briefest of cameo’s. He wasn’t good enough against less, no reason to believe he can do it against Arg. But with Spector down, we are really thin at RB, Hejduk was a big drop-off from ‘Dolo.

  33. Apparently BB reads SBI!! I hope he calls Cooper and Jozy for the match against barbados. That would be my first US match and I would be very mad if I have to see Eddie or Joff!!

  34. Ives,

    I think you mean to say “how poorly U.S. forwards have played in recent weeks”, unless you’re trying to write with a Scottish accent. Ha, ha!

  35. I wonder if outside pressure caused Cooper’s inclusion to the team? It seems curious one day after naming a roster the one player whose exclusion seemed to raise the most ??? in the US soccer community is called in. No explanation for Moor, wasn’t he the worst player on the field versus Mexico though?

  36. Bob Bradley is a coward and not ready for the big time IMO , the places this team has the potential to go Bob will not take them there with is timid decisions . add to that his love for Eddie cant score for sh$%t Johnson


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