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USA-Argentina highlights

For those of you who somehow missed the match and highlights from last night’s USA-Argentina match, here are some:

These highlights didn’t include Howard’s best save, just before halftime, or Oguchi Onyewu’s header off the crossbar. I will see if I can find a better highlight clip so enjoy this one for now.


  1. If you didn’t tape it or erased it, watch it on ESPN360 – I just did. Not as easy to operate as tivo but you still get to see it.

  2. Thanks man, (though I do use Firefox) I did miss the game last night. Went to LA to visit family over the weekend, just got home and somehow accidentally erased the recording I had of the game. Not sure why this always happens to me. Almost the same thing happened with US-Brazil in Chicago.


  3. Ryan,

    One of the articles I read said that Bob Bradley was told that after the foul, Pablo picked up the ball and tossed it to another American player and was carded for intentionally trying to delay a free kick…

    I was at the game (best soccer-related experience of my lifetime btw) but I stupidly forgot to tivo it so I can’t go back to see if that story has any merit. Someone who taped it may want to look into that, though even if it’s true, it is WAY too harsh for someone who already has a yellow at a crucial stage in the game imo.

  4. ussoccer has posted a highlight video which includes the two highlights Ives mentioned. After watching, I was amazed to learn that EJ had the right idea on his breakaway in the second half: he had Donovan (I think) bearing down into the penalty area, but would have had to make an exceptional pass to connect. Yes, had EJ a better first touch, he would have retained the option of shooting on goal, but…

  5. There’s a reason I don’t use IE, because the next time I reopen firewall access to it, I know it will allow no fewer than two Trojans (which I can’t rid myself of) to run resources off my computer again.

    So…could someone kindly post a link? You have my eternal gratitude.


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