USA bid for 2018 World Cup still on course

USA bid for 2018 World Cup still on course

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USA bid for 2018 World Cup still on course



Remember when Jack Warner stated a week ago that he would urge the United States not to bid on hosting the 2018 World Cup? It doesn’t look like that message is going to be heard.

Sunday’s USA-Argentina match, played in front of a near sellout just months after being announced, provides the latest evidence of the United States’ ability to host a successful World Cup again.

"Sunday showed what we can do," U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said of Sunday’s match, referring to the ability to announce, plan and coordinate a near sell-out of a match at Giants Stadium in a matter of months.

U.S. Soccer still hasn’t made a formal bid, but is in the process of considering one and all signs are pointing to a bid happening.

"We will make a decision in the next two or three months, but we are looking at it very seriously," Gulati said of a potential U.S. bid for 2018. "I can’t think of any reasons why we wouldn’t bid for 2018.

"We’ve done this before and been successful at doing it," Gulati said. "We are determined to finish what we started in 1994."

If the United States does bid for the 2018 World Cup, the new Giants Stadium is expected to be the featured venue for the tournament. If Sunday’s display is any indication, another United States World Cup could potentially be even more successful than the 1994 tournament.

What do you think about the increasing likelihood of a USA bid for the 2018 World Cup? How excited are you about the possibility of the World Cup returning to the United States? Share your thoughts below.

“By (2018) Giants Stadium will have been completely rebuilt and the new stadium would surely be the jewel in the crown of a US World Cup bid,”  FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer said after the USA-Argentina match on Sunday.

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