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Who should the USA start vs. Argentina?


The United States will take on No. 1 ranked Argentina in a friendly that is expected to draw more than 70,000 fans to Giants Stadium. It is the third of three very difficult friendlies, and the last match before the Americans begin World Cup qualifying.

In other words, it’s a pretty important match.

Now we still don’t know what the roster is for the Argentina match, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think about the possible lineup we will see, and should see, against the ‘Albiceleste.’

Here is the lineup I think we will see on Sunday:

Potential USA lineup vs. Argentina






Now, if Landon Donovan and Jozy Altidore are healthy (which is uncertain right now), here is the lineup I would like to see:






Why no Dempsey? He has looked sluggish in the past two friendlies and seems like he needs a rest. I put Beasley on the left here but could just as easily slot Eddie Lewis in there given how well he has played recently. If Altidore can’t go I would actually really like to see Kenny Cooper get a start, but for some reason I don’t see him getting a start when he hasn’t even gotten call-ups in a year. (I replaced Mastroeni with Edu in the lineup I’d like to see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mastroeni get one more run at his native Argentina, but I would rather see Edu match up against Argentina and see if he can improve on his Spain performance.)

Now it’s your turn. What starting XI would you like to see Bob Bradley use against Argentina? Share your thoughts below.


  1. JoeG – As a diehard USMNT fan, stating that Jozy is “just as good” as EJ personally offends me. Jozy is on a completely different level.

  2. I’m going to assume everyone’s healthy. I agree that Dempsey could use a rest, but this after all is the team I WANT to see.






    This obviously a very offensive-minded lineup, which is why I put Dempsey in the middle versus switching with Donovan and have him playing on the right. He can provide better defensive support than Donovan and would help balance this dream lineup.

  3. ====Altidore===Dempsey====





    This is a quicker line-up with Frankie sliding to the left side for Pearce. Good test to see if he can be a capable backup (and possible starter) on either side.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Lewis on the left side either but I like Beasley so that he can get match fit for the Bermuda game. Perhaps a half each.

    Altidore over Johnson is a no brainer at this point. I think Jozy is just as good or better tha Eddie. Eddie might be servicable as a 75 min. sub as Harkes suggested during the Spain broadcast.

    Mastro over Bradley and Edu because he has the experience to handle the def. mid. duties all by himself and I suspect that he will have a little fire in the belly going against Argentina.


  4. Altidore must still be injured…

    My lineup is similar to Rocco’s, but I’d put Edu in the center instead of Mastroeni. This is partly because I thought the three worked well together in the first half against Spain and I’d like to see if they can repeat that effort, also because I think this is our central triangle for the Olympics and I’d like them to get as much practice against top-flight opponents as possible.



    Bease Bradley Edu Donovan

    Pearce DeMerit Onyewu Dolo


  5. Does it really matter who starts?

    1. It’s a “friendly”

    2. We are preparing for f-ing Barbados

    3. “Real” qualifying doesn’t start until 2009.

    Honestly, We have about as much a chance at a vicotry Sunday, as Josh Wolff does at scoring a hat trick.

  6. we dropped Jaqua Wolff and Boca and picked up Kljestan?? what about other roster spots?? or am i missing others??

    and since Cooper has a match tonight im guess BB didnt bring him b/c of that… perhaps he looks at FCD needing him more??

  7. nice callups with Kljestan… obviously he realized if we take our creative player(s) out and dont replace them with creative players, our style is stale (2nd half of spain)….

    obviously it looks like LD is healthy now, seeing as we went down to 3 forwards… and looks like Altidor still isnt full… perhaps BB is saving him for WCQ???

    as for no cooper: this saddens me, but then again, perhaps he wants to go with a lil more experience against such an opponent as argentina… while we know EJ for his flaws, it wasnt too long ago he was one of the only decent players who played against arg. in copa… he wasnt stellar, but he caused problems with his speed…

    perhaps with adu and LD in the lineup EJ may be able to find net… or at least create opportunities that leads to goals… either way LD and Adu need to start…

  8. No Cooper, Altidore or Boca. 19 man roster just released per US Soccer.


    Goalkeepers (3): Dominic Cervi (out of contract), Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton FC)

    Defenders (6): Dan Califf (FC Midtjylland), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock)

    Midfielders (7): Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Maurice Edu (Toronto FC), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Eddie Lewis (Derby County), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)

    Forwards (3): Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC)

    What does Bradley have against Cooper? I’m beginning to wonder. I understand Altidore, he’s probably not 100% and is getting his life organized before he leaves.

    Ives – what’s the new lineup look like now.



    Bease Bradley Mastroeni Donovan

    Pearce DeMerit Onyewu Dolo


    I think our center backs are going to get ripped apart.

  9. Eugene- that’s b/c the US is full of PLASTIC FANS… the true fans are few and far between at these games… i saw it first hand in chicago…

    US vs Brazil… it sickened me to see all the Youth Yanks wearing canary yellow and green… no way ill see my kid(s) (whenever i have em’)ever wear another country’s jersey…

  10. Bring on Kenny Cooper! His touch, finishing and willingness to take people would be useful. Plus, it’s great to have a bruising forward that can cause some fouls and dish out some punishment, giving defenders one more thing to worry about.

  11. Mark, Skinn, you guys think 70,000 will be at Giants stadium for the US national team?! More like 5,000-10,000 for our US nats and 60,000-65,000 to see Argentina. The US national team is probably about as popular here as Canada is in Toronto.

    Any why doesn’t Parkhurst get a call from Bradley? Parkhurst is having another great season with good defending and minimal (or 0) cards — we need to incorporate some smarter defenders who know how to break up a play without drawing fouls and cards.

    In general, I’m kind of disappointed with our defense. We need to upgrade there but unfortunately there aren’t better options at the moment. Hopefully Lichaj will have a good season at Aston Villa and will then get a call…

  12. Skinn- i also feel that Canada suffers the same problems as the US

    1. its not our main sport

    2. our country is too vast to go to games opposite to where you live…

    england (roughly the size of s.carolina) is simple to support… i travel to chicago and columbus for USMN games, but anywhere else tends to get a bit pricey…

  13. Not sure about Cooper. But especially not with Altidore. It’s not basketball, guys! We should go with the traditional Mutt-and-Jeff: Maybe Jozy/Landon if they’re available.

  14. PS- Argentina and Brazil are so much better then any European national team right now it is kind of scary. Better put your best 11 out there or we could be really embarassed.

  15. i would love to see this but prob wont






    I would love to see something like this, i really think beasley would be great if he would be tried at left back, im sure if there was a foreign coach they prob would of tried this already, but we dont have a good coach. boca is to inconsistant for me, try orozco he looks pretty good.

  16. ——————Altidore————Lewis————–Adu——-Donovan




    Mastroeni deserves to start vs. the country of his birth plus Bradley looks just as completly spent as Dempsey. Beasley is so out of sorts while still recovering that Lewis is a much more dangerous option. Altidore and Donnavon need to suck it up and play-PERIOD. I wonder sometimes if the modern athlete is too prone to opt out at the slightest tweak.

  17. Toronto fans must be green with envy. They can’t even draw 15,000 to see their national team in Toronto

    Posted by: Mark | June 06, 2008 at 12:26 PM

    Huh? This has what to do with exactly what? Who says that TFC fans are necessarily even Canada fans? I’ll bet most cheer for the programs their mothers and fathers cheered for around the world. Canada’s (in)ability to draw in Toronto has little to do with “Toronto” fans.

    And are you implying that all 70,000 at Giants stadium tomorrow are even USMNT fans? That’d be assuming an awful lot, I think–though I think most will (which isn’t always the case on US soil, esp. when the opponent is Mexico).

    And Toronto fans surely were green with envy when not even 10,000 showed up for the RBNY match on Thursday. This isn’t meant as a slight to SBI readers, NYRB fans, USMNT fans (I, by the way, despite being a TFC fan, also cheer for the USMNT). But Mark, please, a little more thought before you type.

    Would CMNT fans prefer bigger crowds for the games? Yup. Would they (and the team for that matter) prefer a natural grass surface at BMO. Yup? Would they prefer a national association that wasn’t badly funded and poorly run? Yup. Are you aware of any of the debates that currently plague the CSA and the Canadian men’s program. I’m guessing not. Please, keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

  18. Altidore

    Adu Bradley Beasley

    Mastroeni Edu

    Pearce Bocanegra Onyewu Cherundolo

    If Altidore can’t play, use Dempsey, I guess.

    Use Donovan as a super sub since he’s a known quantity. And see how Bradley does when his defensive duties are lightened.

  19. agree with me or disagree with me?

    I think our back 4 needs to be fast and i dont really care if they are not tall like gooch. Because Argentian is fast and quick upfront.

  20. The only advice I can give Bob Bradley after watching Argentina shred my boys in green is to crowd the middle and try not to let Messi and Aguero connect near the box. Also don’t send 4 or 5 players to guard either of the argentine wonder-kids ala Chucho Ramirez because they will expose you.

    Good luck and to be honest I think the US has a chance in this game (if last years Copa America game is any indication).

  21. IndyYankFan- Technically we had a 4-4-2 for both spain and england…. with england, wolff and ej…. with spain, EJ and Adu playing almost a SS..

  22. I forget to add this, I think we need to get back to the 4-4-2 and get away from one forward. Having only 1 forward has proven to be non effective, there has to be another guy to run onto the 2nd ball…

  23. Here’s my dream lineup:




    [some other guys]

    No Eddie Johnson

    No Rico Clark

  24. Same as Eric only Adu up top and Donovan slotted behind him and Altidore…I would love to see how Adu and Altidore could combine at the Senior level. And Donovan would be free to roam around, I think of Bradley as more of a defensive mid with offensive abilities…I think he would be good cover for them.

  25. =========Altidore=======Donavon==========






  26. I like that lineup eric–but I think Argentina would run right down the middle of the park. Freddy is best when he only has minimal defensive responsibilities…trade out Edu and Demps and you may have it. Or, if Donovan can’t go then play Demps on the right for the first half and sub him out.

  27. I’d like to see Dempsey work out of the back, I think it’s pretty clear that he’s unhappy and not productive as a forward, and has never really shown it on the wing. Partner him with Bradley.






    But, it really might be time to give Dempsey a rest, I swear the dude hasn’t been seen in a dead run since December.

    With no Landon or Jozy, I’ll take Ives lineup #1 with Edu instead of Pablo.

  28. I say go for the Christmas Tree






    Cooper for Jozy if he’s out

    Lewis for Donovan if he’s out

  29. I don’t think Altidore will play.


    dolo gooch boca pearce

    Landycakes Edu Beasley




    IN this line up, you give Cakes, Dempsey and Adu freedom to swirl. Edu has to stay put and make solid passes. I too could easily switch out DMB for Lewis.

  30. So many MBradley haters. I don’t understand it. You must not know soccer. Yes, the kid got a little tired this week but there is no doubt he’s a baller, nepotisim aside. Freddy and Jozy need to start. Whoever said Frankie Lame Hejduck should start needs to have their head examined. Please give Jay DeMerrit some time, please. Gooch is a complete liability.

  31. NJ Guy Stuck in DC- i agree that he shouldnt have been making the trips, but if he was injured prior to the camp in england then he shouldve told bradley to keep him on the 33 man roster, but take him off gameday rosters…. then stay in LA, heal, and then maybe make it in time for the Argie match…. perhaps it was just poor decisions by LD, trying to be everywhere at once… but then again, it seems Guzan has played all the USMN games (only 2nd halves) and then flew back for the CUSA games…. i didnt watch the NYRB v CUSA game, howd guzan look… obviously a goal got by, but i only saw the highlights…

  32. you have to give Dempsey a rest. it obvious he needs rest after his aenemic play over the past 2 games….






    We have to see what Demerit can do in the back. And i expect we will see Jozy often in the future for the Nats so I would like to see what cooper can do up top.

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