FC Dallas won't sell Cooper

FC Dallas won't sell Cooper

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FC Dallas won't sell Cooper



Just when you thought the Kenny Cooper to Europe saga was coming to a close, now there is word out of Dallas that FC Dallas is set to keep Cooper and have rejected a $4 million offer from Cardiff City and $3 million offer from Rosenborg.

According to sources with knowledge of the discussions, FC Dallas ownership has decided to hold on to Cooper with the hopes of not only helping FC Dallas make a playoff push, but also with the hope being that he continues his torrid pace and draws an even bigger transfer offer this winter.

The development comes as word surfaced on Tuesday that Rosenborg had offered Cooper a contract that could have made him more than $1 million in the first season alone. Sources had told SBI on Monday that Cooper’s representatives were in discussions with Cardiff City and were close to an agreement, but FC Dallas’ decision to keep Cooper has shelved those plans.

What next? There is talk of Cooper and FC Dallas working on a new contract, but you would imgine that there will be some agreement worked in that would ensure Cooper’s ability to move to Europe if a big offer came this winter.

What does it all mean? Could it be FC Dallas’ attempt to raise the stakes and get more money out of Rosenborg and Cardiff City? Or could Sunday’s 4-0 thrashing of Los Angeles have the Hoops thinking about the playoffs and more?

What do you think of the latest development? Do you think FC Dallas is smart to hold on to Cooper? Do you think Cooper should stick around the rest of the season and test the European waters this winter? Is the Cooper transfer saga rivaling the Brett Favre unretirement for most long and drawn-out story?

Share your thoughts below.

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