Morning Ticker: Donovan talks Europe move, Buddle a transfer target and the forward Toronto missed out on

Morning Ticker: Donovan talks Europe move, Buddle a transfer target and the forward Toronto missed out on

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Morning Ticker: Donovan talks Europe move, Buddle a transfer target and the forward Toronto missed out on




Good morning folks. It was a very interesting day here at the All-Star festivities. While several players had yet to arrive, there was still enough interviews to do and enough information to uncover.

With that in mind, here is an MLS-heavy Morning Ticker, complete with some transfer rumors and one unhappy coach.

Donovan addresses rumors of Europe move

With growing rumors swirling that Landon Donovan is set for a move to Europe, Los Angeles Galaxy star and U.S. national team captain confirmed that he is more interested in a move than ever, but was careful to quell suggestions that a move was imminent.

"Competitively I have that itch to go test it," Donovan said of moving to Europe. "And now, as opposed to when I was younger, I feel like I’m ready. Physically I’m ready, mentally, psychologically I’m ready. I know I could handle it, so now I’m having that itch to go try it again.

"When i was younger, I admittedly wasn’t ready."

Donovan, whose experiences with European soccer consist of two failed stints with German club Bayer Leverkusen, stated that a move isn’t imminent and that he’s been stating his new philosophy on a move to Europe since late last season.

"That could still be a long way away," said Donovan. "That’s a hope, that at some point it happens.

"That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen," Donovan said. "If it doesn’t happen the I’ll be fine. It’s not like I have some pressing need, but it would fun at some point."

Carver blasts Cunningham, Wynne

Toronto FC head coach John Carver had to believe his club had found a miracle when a loose ball sat near the goal-line just waiting to be kicked in. Forward Jeff Cunningham was right near the ball but couldn’t put it in, which forced TFC to settle for a 1-1 tie against Montreal on Tuesday night. The tie cost Toronto a berth in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

"I’m thinking How has he scored 99 goals?’," Carver said of Cunningham’s failure to find the game-winning goal in that late scramble. "That’s what I thought. How has he scored 99 goals in this league, because, if you’re a poacher and you’ve got desire, no matter how you put the ball over the line you put the ball over the line."

Carver repeatedly stated TFC’s desperate need for help at forward, saying the team needs two new forwards to get out of its current funk.

"When we’re having to depend on a 16-year-old boy to be our lead striker I think that tells you everything," said Carver, referring to Abdus Ibrahim, who started as the lone striker in Toronto’s 4-5-1.

Carver didn’t just bash Cunningham. He saved some venom for U.S. Olympic team defender Marvell Wynne, who played his last game before joining U.S. Olympic training camp in California.

"I had to try and get my fullbacks involved in the game to try and create something," Carver said. "Unfortunately,  when the fullbacks did get into the final third the lack of quality, certainly down the right-hand side, was disappointing.

"This is a guy who’s going away to play in the Olympics."

A Costly miss on the transfer market

Toronto FC’s lengthy search for a striker has been well-documented but one of the lesser-known strikers the club targeted, and nearly signed, was Honduran national team striker Carlos Costly.

Toronto midfielder and Honduran national team player Amado Guevara confirmed on Tuesday that Costly was ready to sign with Toronto FC before his current club, Polish side GKS Belchatow, signed him to an improved contract.

"If we could have signed him, it would have been amazing," Guevara lamented. "We need forwards, that’s clear for everyone to see."

Norwegian club makes bid for Buddle?

One of the more interesting developments I heard about on Tuesday was that an unidentified Norwegian club made a $1 million offer for Los Angeles striker Edson Buddle. The Galaxy doesn’t look like it will be parting with Buddle, although forward Carlos Ruiz could still be on his way out, especially if growing rumors about Peruvian midfielder Carlos Ruiz Nolberto Solano signing with Los Angeles are true.

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