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Noonan set for MLS return


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Long-time New England Revolution forward Pat Noonan has reached an agreement on a new contract with Major League Soccer in a deal expected to be finalized in the coming days, a source with knowledge of the deal told SBI on Tuesday.

Just which MLS team Noonan will play for remains to be seen.

New England holds Noonan’s rights but several teams have expressed interest in the striker. The San Jose Earthquakes and Columbus Crew are the leading candidates though the Revs could choose to keep Noonan.

Noonan left MLS after last season and spent half a season playing for Aalesunds of the Norwegian first division. He struggled for playing time with Aalesunds and expressed a desire to return. The Columbus Crew expressed interest but New England, which still held Noonan’s rights despite not picking up the option year on his contract last season (apparently the Revs retained the rights after offering Noonan a new contract at similar money to his old contract).

MLS is still finalizing transfer details with Aalesunds, which still had Noonan under contract. Once that is settled, the Noonan sweepstakes will begin.

Where would you like to see Noonan wind up? New England? Columbus? San Jose? The Red Bulls? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think that Toronto might go for him, they could use a left mid, also Noonan should never have left the MLS, maybe he just felt that he needed a change of environment is all?

  2. Can someone explain how this is possible? A couple weeks ago, the league was going to make an example out of Noonan and they blocked a deal which would have brought him to Columbus. Then, all of a sudden, it’s alright for New England to have him? Crew fans must feel like they’re getting the shaft on this one.

  3. Easy Crew fans, you might have agreed a deal with New England a month ago but as Ives said: “MLS is still finalizing transfer details with Aalesunds, which still had Noonan under contract.”

    If you had a deal a month ago it would’ve been like trading for the tooth fairy. If you really have the framework for a deal, which I imagine you don’t unless your team is stupid enough to trade for a player that they don’t know the salary for, then he’ll be yours soon.

  4. Just because a player doesn’t go overseas and blow up the league they enter doesn’t mean the player “can’t hack it.”

    There are so many variables to consider. Language and everyday adjustments aren’t the least of those variables.

    Half a season in Europe without a ton of playing time doesn’t equate to a European flop.

    I really dislike it the idea that anywhere in Europe is better than MLS. That’s simply not true. There is good football being played all over the world. That includes right here in the U.S. of A. Maybe when we all quit being in awe of Europe because it’s Europe, we’ll actually accomplish some things.

  5. Cristman or Noonan… I think I’ll take Noonan.

    But seriously I think Noonan would work well as a wide player (say in Khano’s position.) He’s creative enough to create space to get some decent crosses in. Plus I think he’s a good finisher. Either way I rather see a proven vet like Noonan coming of the bench instead of Wells Thompson.

  6. These “rights” rules need to get tossed. They’re just antiquated. Players should go to the club willing to pay them the highest salary and where they agree to go, rather than have teams need to trade for their rights.

    Same thing with discovery rights. Either sign the player or let him go. No keeping his “rights” after he’s decided not to sign or the clubs decide not to offer a contract.

  7. There is no justice in MLS if he isnt traded to Columbus, considering NE and Columbus already agreed on a trade about a month ago only to have MLS c*ckblock it

  8. Cristman or Noonan… I think I’ll take Noonan.

    But seriously I think Noonan would work well as a wide player (say in Khano position) he’s creative enough to create space to get some decent in. Plus I think he’s an good finisher. Either way I rather see a vet like Noonan coming of the bench than Wells Thompson.

  9. By the way, I don’t think he will be playing for the Revs. Too many forwards now. I don’t think the team will be letting Twellman go either. The rest of the forwards are not as tested in big pressure-filled games.

    I expect the Columbus trade that was rumored a while ago.

  10. I can’t wait to see him back on the field frustrating me again, i’ve missed not having someone to swear at under my breath while watching the Revs games this year

  11. I actually hope he doesn’t end up with the Revs. As useless as I personally think he is, he seemingly only shows up for RBNY matches, and kills us. I’d much rather he end up with a team in the West.

  12. I’m a season ticket holder for the Revs and I absolutely hated being frustrated by Noonan last year, especially in the final. That being said, I think this will:

    1) give us room to sell Twellman

    2) make some money

    3) have a seasoned player to help guide our other players

    4) have someone who may be able to step up in key games

  13. I like Noonan a lot and think he is a good player. I’m very suprised that he didn’t do better in Norway. I’m curious as to what he says about his “failure” to do well there.

    A lot of fans may write him off (he’s too slow, etc.), but he is a good player. It goes to show you that not every playing (and living) situation is good for every player.

  14. RSL – they are looking for a striker, and Noonan fits the bill. I can still remember Noonan being heckled by the RSL crown in the first season. They said, “Noonan, you smell like Poo, man!”

  15. I’m still trying to figure out how the Quakes have all this cap room to sign Huckerby and Lima and then deal for Alvarez and still think about getting Noonan. Ronnie O’Brien is on a high salary and I believe Corrales is on a decently high salary. Is the rest of the team on that low a cap figure that this kind of move would work?


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