Soccer thoughts from my Vacation

Soccer thoughts from my Vacation


Soccer thoughts from my Vacation


Good evening folks. With the day winding down, I wanted to share some thoughts from down here in Florida. And for those of you wondering, I’ll return to the SBI compound in Jersey late Wednesday.

Now, here are some soccer thoughts from my vacation:

Kudos to Major League Soccer for getting a mention, albeit a brief one, in the new Will Smith blockbuster Hancock. For those of you who saw the movie like I did, were you also bracing yourself for the "that league’s a joke" crack to follow the MLS mention? Thankfully, no such comment came. I’ll give credit for that to David Beckham, who is buddies with Tom Cruise, who is buddies with Will Smith (okay, that’s a complete stretch, but so what.)

I saw a kid wearing a Miroslav Klose Germany jersey. I always wonder what the back-story is when I see people rocking soccer gear, particularly when it’s clearly a jersey that the wearer has some real connection to (not like say, a Beckham Galaxy jersey).

Being in Florida, partly in Ft. Myers and partly in Clearwater, reminded me why it’s so tough to make pro sports work here. The weather here is either so beautiful that you want to spend the day at the beach or a park, or it’s so oppressively hot or stormy, that you don’t want to leave your house. Does that mean an MLS team will never work in Tampa? I think one could work, but it would need the right kind of owner and the right people running the team for it to survive. That’s a combination that not enough present MLS teams have, let alone future expansion teams.

I haven’t gone as far as taking the laptop to the beach/pool (I’ve posted from the laptop before and after beach/pool visits), but I have already posted stories from my Glyde a few times and it’s an amazing convenience being able to do so much from a cell phone. I couldn’t help but be in awe of the fact that there are so many things like this that couldn’t be done a decade ago, which also served as another reminder of why the newspaper business is dying.

Lastly, I don’t give fellow soccer writers enough props, but I wanted to give some to Yahoo Sports soccer writer Martin Rogers for delivering what sure was an All-Tournament performance covering Euro 2008. He delivered a steady stream of quality writing that was as good as anything written by anybody across the pond. Not bad for someone who was also dealing with the impending birth of his first child. For someone who I thought was a crap writer at first, Rogers as sure stepped his game up (kidding folks, Rogers is one of my best friends in the biz.)

Share your own thoughts on any of these observations and subjects in the comments section below.

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