Red Bulls Update: Newcomers play, Colombians sit and more observations

Red Bulls Update: Newcomers play, Colombians sit and more observations

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Red Bulls Update: Newcomers play, Colombians sit and more observations



(Apologies for not getting this up sooner but as you know, another story developed this afternoon.)

We had our first glimpse of some of the new faces at Red Bull camp in action on Tuesday and there were several impressive performances. Here is a rundown of some news and notes from today’s practice.

Mexican defender Diego Jimenez left the match after a brief appearance because of a knee injury he suffered while training with the team over the weekend. It doesn’t sound serious but between the knee, and the fact that he developed blisters on his feet after his first exposure to playing on turf in 90-degree weather, Jimenez was pulled early.

Argentine midfielder Juan Pietravallo wasn’t around today. He is in Toronto securing his visa, a very good sign for the club.

No, still no word on when the new players will be eligible to play but head coach Juan Carlos Osorio made it clear that if players are cleared to play that we could see some newcomers as early as Saturday. He came out and admitted that if Jorge Rojas is available that he would start.

Juan Pablo Angel and Oscar Echeverry did not train with the team. The did individual work at Montclair State University. Echeverry is still not 100 percent and his knees are clearly bothering him. That said, Osorio insisted that he hasn’t given up hope on Echeverry still being an impact player and that once he is healthy he will have a chance to show what he can do.

With Reyna’s retirement, that leaves the Red Bulls three open senior roster spots (Altidore, Ubiparipovic dropped to developmental slot and Reyna retirement). With Rojas, Cichero, Pietravallo and Jimenez expected to join the team in the coming days, the Red Bulls will still have to cut one more player to make room for all four. They’ll have to cut a second to make room for the forward they are expected to sign using the DP slot salary cap space they now have.

I asked Osorio about Joe Vide and if the club would have interest in him and Osorio says he just heard about Vide’s release this morning but that he hadn’t given it any though. With Pietravallo and Stammler as starters and Carlos Mendes as a back-up (and Costa Rican Brandon Poltronieri trying out) I don’t think it’s a sure thing that Vide will get a look.

That’s all for now. Share your thoughts on any and all these topics in the comments section below.

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