Report: Kaka to Chelsea in record move (Milan: Not so fast my friend)

Report: Kaka to Chelsea in record move (Milan: Not so fast my friend)

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Report: Kaka to Chelsea in record move (Milan: Not so fast my friend)



In one of the more shocking developments of the European summer transfer market, Brazilian superstar Kaka is reportedly ready to move to Chelsea in a record-breaking transfer.

How much money are we talking? Try a $158 MILLION. Yes, say that one in your best Dr. Evil voice. WOW.

Don’t go buying the snazzy new Chelsea black uniform with Kaka on it just yet. AC Milan insists Kaka is not for sale. What a surprise. This either means the reports were complete fiction (possible), a planted story by Kaka, who wants to leave (possible) or Milan slowing things down until it can secure a deal with Arsenal for Adebayor so they have something to show irate fans when the deal does go down (very possible).

Does it actually make sense? Perhaps now more than ever. Why? Well AC Milan is having financial trouble, which apparently didn’t stop the soon-to-be UEFA Cup participants from buying Ronaldinho for $30 million this past week. Milan is also overloaded with midfielders and could certainly use a striker. Selling Kaka would not only help AC Milan afford a forward (Emmanuel Adebayor anybody?) while also easing some of the financial strife at the club.

For Chelsea, the move is a worthwhile investment because, let’s face it, with Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard constantly linked to leaving the club, the Blues don’t really have a true poster boy. Yes, John Terry is the captain, but who is close to being a transcendent figure on Chelsea? Man U has Cristiano Ronaldo, Arsenal has Cesc Fabregas, Liverpool has Steven Gerrard and now Fernando Torres. Who is Chelsea’s poster boy? Michael "I’m hated everywhere but some parts of Germany" Ballack?

What do you think of Chelsea buying Kaka? Is it too much money for one player? Is Milan crazy for selling its best player and arguably the world’s best player? Do you think Ronaldinho’s arrival made Kaka ask for one-way ticket out?

Share your thoughts below.

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