Reyna Retirement Press Conference

Reyna Retirement Press Conference

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Reyna Retirement Press Conference



Good afternoon folks. I’m at the Claudio Reyna retirement press conference.

I’ll post any developments here:

Reyna will stay on with the Red Bulls as an ambassador and will work with the club’s youth teams (doesn’t really sound like he was forced out).

On the decision to retire: "I couldn’t remember the exact date. It was a few weeks back. The first person I spoke to was the coach. It was a decision that was made between him and I and in the end it was my decision and I was ready for it."

"I was ready. There’s a lot of great things happening in my life. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in my life."

On the possibility of changing his mind: "There’ll be no Brett Favre situation here."

With regard to coaching, Reyna isn’t going to jump right into coaching, but will begin the process of attaining his coaching licenses. It sounds like he will take his time before beginning that part of his career, but Reyna definitely plans on coaching.

On his career: "People say they live the dream, I didn’t even dream about the things I did."

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