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After a lengthy hiatus caused by the foreign travels of SBI’s fantasy MLS correspondent, the SBI MLS fantasy corner is back. We have a new writer on board and he will do his best to get you ready for your weekly run at Fantasy MLS superiority.

SBI correspondent Casey Cannon gives us his picks and pans for Week 17 in Fantasy MLS:

Hello and Welcome to the SBI MLS Fantasy Corner– now in HD!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only someone still celebrating the 2004 Supporters Shield can provide.  I write this Monday night before the official injury reports come out, so don’t be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to

Some introduction is in order. I am a Columbus Crew fan who last year was tricked into a fantasy football league.  After two months of doing poorly, I needed to change how I picked players. I put away my hat and slips of paper, and powered up my computer. I started gathering data every week and dumping it into a spreadsheet.  Suddenly my picks had quality.

Rather than hoard my findings to myself I find I enjoy sharing some tidbits and my occasionally Crew-centric point of view with readers.  Every week my reader can expect two elements.  First, a basic review of teams.  I recommend two teams to pick the max number of players from and one team to avoid.  Second, I will provide three specific player recommendations: a Goalkeeper/ team captain recommendation, a value pick straight from the spreadsheet, and an overpriced player who will suck all of the cash out of your player pool.  There will be additional bits of information in future weeks, but for now let’s just keep it simple and review some team picks.

Take Three – LA.  Buddle and Donovan are one and two on the spreadsheet for field players.  Beckham is a respectable 16th.  The spreadsheet says that taking all three should yield 37.5 fantasy points.  If the computer knew LA is playing against the hapless Red Bulls I am sure it would be excited.  Just remember not to take Cronin.

Take Three – Chicago.  the Fire should be able to earn a win playing at Toyota Park against Real Salt Lake .  The Fire, winners of the “I can’t believe he didn’t get suspended” lottery, look to start a winning streak while RSL will be unable to play due to fear of getting real grass stains on their socks.  In good news for RSL, they are expected to dominate the local indoor tournaments this winter. 

Avoid – FC Dallas.  If there were a fantasy league where the Open Cup counted, I would have taken Hoops players in their game against the Charleston Battery.  In that fantasy fantasy league I would be furious that a top flight league was crushed by a lower division team.  The Hoops now have a game against the professionals from Colorado.  Until the FC Dallas proves it is a real team, avoid these guys – with the possible exception of Kenny Cooper.  Instead, take my recommended players below.

Keeper – Jon Busch.  The Chicago netminder is still top of the spreadsheet and well suited to be team captain.  He is just ahead of Kevin Hartman on the spreadsheet, and Busch at home against RSL is a better choice than the Hartman at Crew Stadium. 

Value – Edison Buddle.  The top field player on the spreadsheet, he only costs $14,729 per expected point.  Take him this week, and enjoy the 15.6 points he is expected to earn.  Although as a Crew fan, it still feels weird every time I recommend Buddle.

Overpriced – Justin Mapp.  There are 49 field players anticipated to earn more than his expected 3.8 points this week.  Only three of them cost more than his $507,000.  I encourage the Fire fans to keep Mr. Mapp on their fantasy roster, the same way I encourage the Fire to keep him.  Lord forbid anyone in Bridgeview ship off Mapp for a better McPlayer.

Stop by next week for mid-season lessons and more shenanigans. 

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