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SBI Reader Roll Call

(Hey all, I posted this at the end of April, and again in mid-June, but wanted to re-post to get enough readers to give me the thousand I need for my demographic breadowns. If you already included you info the last time around then you don’t have to do so again.)

As some of you may recall, I did an extensive reader roll call on the old Soccer By Ives, a project that allowed me to get a better sense of what subjects, teams and leagues to cover once the new SBI launched.

For now, since the new SBI has more than double the readership of the old SBI, I am looking to do a new reader roll call. Please provide your name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support and the information will not only allow me to get a better sense of the readership, but also provide some valuable information I can share with potential advertisers. I will also make the results of this survey available once it is completed (I am shooting for the beginning of August).

Please be assured that if you list your email under the email line in the comments box only I will be able to see the address, so don’t worry about it being seen and used by others. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing that information in the comments section, you can also email me your information at

Thanks again to all of you readers who have helped the new SBI get off to a great start in its first six months, and thank you again to those of you taking part in the new reader roll call.


  1. Plano, TX

    FC Dallas (Burn) season tickets from the beginning through 2007. Have not been to a game this season. My beef is with front office but glad I’m not supporting this year.

  2. Christian (34)

    Arizona native living in London, England.

    Support the US MENS NATIONAL TEAM players wherever they may be; and the state of soccer in the USA: hence MLS as a whole. (Until AZ gets an MLS team, then I’m ‘Zona till I die).

  3. joe (27)

    brooklyn, ny (recently moved from jersey city)

    ny red bulls, us mnt

    and i’ll give villareal a shot this year.

  4. Justin O (37)

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Countries: USA and a handful of Asian countries in the wrong half of the FIFA rankings.

    Clubs: I’ll go with Alaniya Vladikavkaz (Russia), Tobol (Kazakhstan) and the Sounders

  5. Jeff (44)


    Liverpool, USMNT, and looking forward to supporting Sounders FC next year (from a distance).

  6. Brad (20)

    Andover, MA and Durham, NC – and this fall, Glasgow, UK

    Domestically: New England Revolution, USMNT, Duke Blue Devils.

    Abroad: Leeds United, Fulham, the Old Firm in the SPL, and Real Madrid.

  7. Ian, 37, Boston MA area.

    MLS: New England Revolution

    WPS: Boston Breakers

    [WUSA: volunteered for all three years with the Carolina Courage]

    College: Duke, Cornell, Harvard.


    Also pay attention to major Latin American & European competitions.

    & (coming soon) Boston Breakers

    Duke, Cornell, & Harvard soccer


  8. name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support

    Collin (20)

    Kansas City, MO


    KC Wizards, Liverpool, Tottenham, Americans Abroad


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