The MLS All-Star Game that could have been

The MLS All-Star Game that could have been

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The MLS All-Star Game that could have been



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It’s okay to admit it. You aren’t happy with this year’s MLS All-Star Game. You were hoping for a Champions League title contender like Manchester United or Real Madrid instead of West Ham United (no offense, Hammers fans). You would almost have preferred to see an All-MLS game rather than this meaningless friendly.

You’re not alone.

I said back when West Ham was announced that I wasn’t a fan of the decision and if there was ever a year to go back to an All-MLS format, this was it. But no, I’m not advocating the old East vs. West format, though such a game would have provided some good storylines and still would have sold out BMO Field. I have a few new twists on the All-MLS All-Star Game.

Let’s start with a USA vs. the World All-Star Game format. Who wouldn’t want to see that, particularly now that there are more foreign players in the league than ever before. Here is what the two teams might look like in such a format:


———-Landon Donovan——-Kenny Cooper————

————————–Sacha Kljestan———————-

Robbie Rogers———————————-Steve Ralston

—————————-Maurice Edu————————

-Wade Barrett———————————Frankie Hejduk

————-Michael Parkhurst—–Jimmy Conrad————–

——————————Matt Reis—————————-


————-Luciano Emilio———–Jaime Moreno————-

————————–Cuauhtemoc Blanco———————-

Dwayne DeRosario——————————–David Beckham

—————————–Shalrie Joseph————————-

Gonzalo Segares————————————–Jim Brennan

—————-Bakary Soumare——Facundo Erpen————-

—————————–Pat Onstad—————————–

Now, the only problem with this set-up is the fact that this year’s game is in Toronto, meaning that the fans at BMO Field would surely be rooting for the World Team, which would create an odd scene at an MLS All-Star game (nothing U.S. national team veterans haven’t dealt with before).

With this in mind, here is my next variation, a CONCACAF against the World match. Yes, it would tilt toward CONCACAF, but wouldn’t be a complete mismatch:


———-Landon Donovan—————Kenny Cooper——

————————–Cuauhtemoc Blanco——————

Robbie Rogers———————————-Steve Ralston

—————————-Shalrie Joseph———————–

Gonzalo Segares——————————–Frankie Hejduk

————-Michael Parkhurst—–Jimmy Conrad————

——————————Matt Reis—————————-


————-Luciano Emilio———–Jaime Moreno————-

————————–Marcelo Gallardo————————-

Guillermo Barros Schelotto———————-David Beckham

—————————-Carl Robinson—————————

Gonzalo Martinez———————————–Jamison Olave

—————-Bakary Soumare——Facundo Erpen————-

—————————–Bouna Coundoul———————-

What do you think of these alternatives? Would you have preferred them to the West Ham friendly? Share your thoughts and what format you would like to have seen the All-Star Game take in the comments section below.

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