The worst week in Red Bulls/MetroStars history?

The worst week in Red Bulls/MetroStars history?

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The worst week in Red Bulls/MetroStars history?



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A blown lead on an absolutely embarrassing mistake, A 2-0 loss to a USL-2 team AND a 4-0 blowout loss on the 4th of July. These three events took place in a seven-day span, leading me to wonder if there is any way this wasn’t the worst week in the history of the club.

As if the abused fan base wasn’t already beat up enough following 12 years of disappointment, the Claudio Reyna DP contract and Jozy Altidore’s transfer departure, along came a week bad enough to shake the faith out of even the most die-hard of fans.

Yes, there are some new signings on the way, but the inept recent performances make you feel as if these new players are like band-aids on a gun shot.

So how did this week go so terribly wrong? Here are some possible excuses explanations:

The Red Bulls were tired: You can’t ignore the loaded schedule they played and while it is true that other teams also had to deal with loaded schedules, the heavy load exposed the Red Bulls as a thin, overachieving team very light on high-impact talent.

The Red Bulls were distracted: Your coach tells the world that he is planning on bringing in a boatload of new signings when the transfer window opens, meaning almost a quarter of the senior roster could be out the door soon. Anyone who doesn’t think that can have a negative impact is fooling themselves.

The Red Bulls are just that bad: Yes, the Red Bulls are lacking in talent and the injuries to Juan Pablo Angel and Claudio Reyna, as well as the transfer of Jozy Altidore mean that almost a million of the team’s 2.3 million in salary was tied up in players who weren’t playing. That left a team short on star power and low on talent. They were able to put some results together playing at the top of their game, but as soon as fatigue set in, they were exposed badly.

What do you think led to this awful week in what is turning into another forgettable season? Do you still hold out hope that new acquisitions will turn things around, or have you given up on 2008 and started thinking about waiting until Red Bull Park opens to start caring again? Was last week really the worst week in club history, or have there been too many of these kind of weeks to remember?

Share your thoughts on the Red Bulls week to forget in the comments section below.

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