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Morning Ticker: As the World Cup turns, A great Kljestan story and transfer news


Good morning folks. Today is shaping up to be a relatively slow news day, at least early on (which is good considering there were some server issues this morning). Things should pick up later today when the U.S. Olympic team is announced and tonight, with KC taking on the Columbus Crew on ESPN. MLS and SuperLiga action kicking off.

One story we did get to late last night was Abby Wambach’s broken leg. We don’t do much women’s soccer coverage on SBI but this is clearly a big story and devastating blow for the U.S. women’s Olympic team’s chance for gold.

Now, back to the men’s game. Here are some news and notes to get your day started.

The World Cup hosting carousel rolls on

Just when you thought you’d heard it all regarding who may or may not be hosting future World Cups, now comes word that FIFA reportedly wants Brazil ready to host the 2010 World Cup if South Africa can’t.

As for the already crowded quest for the 2018 World Cup, Recent Euro winners Spain could be added to the race in a joint bid with Portugal.

What’s my take? I would love seeing Brazil’s World Cup moves up to 2010 and a Spain-Portugal combo for 2018 sounds more appealing than an England bid (though as someone rightly pointed out to me, Brazil has as many crumbling stadium issues as South Africa so maybe Brazil 2010 really is just a far-fetched dream).

And 2014? Perhaps that could be the new tug-of-war between England and the United States.

A special Kljestan story

You should definitely take some time and read this Sacha Kljestan story from Scott Reid of the Orange County Register.

It’s a pretty amazing story of a family living the American dream. I have to say that it’s been great seeing Kljestan grow as a player. I remember watching him as a playmaker for Seton Hall and you just knew he would be something special. As much attention as the likes of Adu, Altidore, Bradley and McBride will get at the Olympics, Kljestan will play a key role for the Americans in China this summer.

Odds and Ends

French defender Sebastien Squillaci has left Lyon for Sevilla. … Aiden McGeady signed a new five-year deal with Celtic, meaning he is unlikely to move this summer, which just means he’ll be one of the big-money targets next summer. … Benfica’s deal with Pablo Aimar has been completed.

That’s all for now. I’ll post news as it develops today. There will be a few Supporter’s Views going up today, as well as a new West Coast Update and the return of the SBI MLS Fantasy corner, so stay tuned for all of those. Also be sure to check back in here for complete coverage of the U.S. men’s Olympic team roster announcement at 1pm.

For now, share your thoughts on any of the above stories in the comments section below.


  1. Paranaense’s stadium only hold just over 25k, you would think that FIFA would want every game in a stadium just a big larger than that. I really dont undertsand how the US isn’t almost always the fall back plan for the WC. (ya ya “soccer” isn’t big here) Giants Stadium, RFK, Dolphins Stadium, The Rose Bowl, Soldier Field, Ford Field. All in cities that have more than enough room for a massive influx of fans. And if you want to go larger you could go to the 90-100k stadiums that are seemingly all over this fine country. The Big House, The Horse Shoe, Happy Valley, Between the Hedges, Rocky Top, Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Death Valley. All of those stadiums obviously are not as large as the professional venues, however they are all close enough to major cities that the commute would not be a problem.

    I bet Jerry Jones would cream @ the thought of his new baby (The New Cowboy’s Stadium) being displayed infront of the whole world @ the WC.

  2. In terms of stadia, Brazil are not really any better than South Africa. They have a lot of aging stadiums and a crime rate thats on par with SA. The difference as Christoph wrote is the energy infrastructure and a lot of other African countries have the problem.

    Other than that, I don’t think Brazil should host it in 2010 over SA.

  3. Brazil can host the WC in 2010 if all that’s required is a lot of biggish soccer-specific stadiums and country where soccer is the religion. You won’t get the luxury or drama of newness though, as you did in Germany. The most modern soccer stadium in the country is Atletico Paranaense’s home in Curitiba (which is eternally adding its fourth side). The Maracana and Morumbi need work, but the are big enough for a final/semifinal and obviously know how to host a soccer match. International’s stadium is also worthy, and you can fill out the rest in Belo Horizonte and elsewhere. The U.S. makes more sense (it always makes more sense), but Brazil could put on a true show in 2014.

  4. Something is really telling me that South Africa won’t get this done in time. Remember, it’s not just the stadiums that they need to get built. It’s each city being able to handle the influx of fans/supporters.

    That being said, I just think South Africa’s WC will be pushed back to 2014 in order to get everything right. I think that bringing Brazil into the mix would just simply be the easiest way to handle the situation. Just flip-flop 2010 with 2014.

    I think this is the scenario that FIFA would really like, but now the question becomes: Can Brazil be ready in time? If that can’t happen, would Brazil keep 2014 while SA moves to 2018 and someone else steps in for 2010???


  5. well said SDMonkey, or should I say Kathleen Turner Overdrive. The problem that Ive’s or whomever wrote the article mentioned as being “crumbling stadiums” isn’t the real cruz of the problem. The problem with SA is the lack of adaquate energy infrastructure. The country is burdened by rolling blackouts/brownouts, a daily occurance, which can take a toll on say….construction timelines for stadiums and hotels. There are a lot of economic problems alone with the country and I hope they can rectify their infrastructure so business can take place their, World Cup or no.

  6. Franco, that may be true, but it still doesn’t change the fact that there is no infrastructure, and S.Africa has the highest murder per capita in the world. 2010 is going to be the Worst WC ever.

  7. That late penalty was simply an appalling gift from the referee. It reminds me of Berhalter getting hit in the chest in WC Qualies a few years back against Honduras (?) in injury time. Thankfully this is just Superliga so no one actually cares.

  8. I find it surprising that Spain-Portugal would put in a joint bid. I thought countries were putting in joint bids because separately each country didn’t have enough adequate stadiums to host, but with La Liga being one of the top leagues in the world you would expect that Spain would be able to put in a bid on their own. Just seems odd that they’d put in a joint bid with anyone.

  9. @ chg…just make sure to learn from Ronaldo’s mistakes. The “beaches” are tricky!

    Maybe the threat of bring Brazil 2014 is just to light a fire under their preparations.

  10. I wouldn’t be shocked if part of the motive to move 2010 to Brazil is to undercut the US bid for 2014.

    Should it happen, the greatest strength I can see is the chance to attend a WC in Brazil while still single and young enough to fully appreciate the nation’s reknowned beaches.

  11. Brazil for 2010 is dumb. They arent in much better shape than S. Africa economically. Crime may be worse.

    Plus it would kill US chances for 2014 as the Euros will demand it back there.

    ow about

    give 2010 to us

    or let England, Porto-Spain fight it out. for 2014 and give the US 2018

    Heck id even go for a Mexi-US combined world cup

    (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Chicago NY and LA venues)

  12. Africa deserves to host a wc and will get things done in time. Every one forgets about Greece in the run up to the last olympiad. The SAfricans will get things done in time. All of Africa has been waiting for this.

    Brazil will host another wc, no need to move them up.

    England ALSO deserves to host another wc before Spain/Portugal and the USA.

  13. McGeady is Celtic for life. And you forgot to mention he’s also leading Ireland to victory in 2010, that’s kinda important.

    And I just woke up from a dream, haha.


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