Who is on your MLS All-Star Ballot?

Who is on your MLS All-Star Ballot?

Major League Soccer

Who is on your MLS All-Star Ballot?



We are at the exact midway point of the season and balloting for the MLS All-Star game is set to close tomorrow. With that in mind, I’m curious to hear what players people believe deserve to be on the MLS All-Star Team.

We already know about the ballot-stuffing going on in Toronto, but I want to hear from the SBI Mafia. Give me your starting XI, including goalkeeper, three defenders, five midfielders and two forwards (and I’m talking who deserves to go, none of this ‘I won’t vote for my guy because I don’t want him to play in the game and get hurt’ business either). Give your list, then feel free to share your thoughts on the team, as well as your selections, in the comments section below.

I wrote a piece on who I think the Best XI should be for ESPN.com last week. I haven’t changed my mind on the selections although Luciano Emilio makes a strong case (though I stick to the belief that he AND Edson Buddle had great months but had little impact the first two months of the season so they miss out). I also picked the lineup based on specific positions, which I think you should considering this team will play in an actual game.

Now it’s your turn, submit your ballot and I will look to put together a reader’s-choice MLS All-Star XI.

Fire away.

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