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A little Messi and Maradona to get you through the day

FC Barcelona is coming to town next week, but Lionel Messi won’t be there (he will be playing in the Olympics).

It’s okay to feel sad about that. After all, Messi is arguably the best player in the world and certainly one of the most fun to watch.

With that in mind, here is a video clip of Messi’s jaw-dropping goal against Getafe last week year, the same goal that looked like a replica of Diego Maradona’s World Cup slalom run against England. This club does a great job of comparing the two goals side by side.



Doesn’t seeing goals like these just bring a smile to your face? It’s okay to admit it.


  1. @mac price:

    Messi is at another level? Yeah, an unproven level somewhere below Maradona. There’s no doubt he’s a phenomenal talent, but until he steps up in big tournaments, he’s little more than a prospect.

    I have great hope that he’ll show something spectacular in the Olympics and in 2010. I also hope he keeps his life off the field under control.

  2. I’d have to say Messi’s looks a tad cooler, but Maradona did it in the world cup, against England!

    Gudjohnsen’s reaction is priceless

  3. You have to love Gudjohnsen’s reaction at 0:40. I would have run and kissed Messi’s shoes after that goal.

    Thanks for the love Ives…


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