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Cichero given two-game suspension


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Red Bulls defender Gabriel Cichero has been suspended for an additional game along with the one-game suspension he was already set to serve for his elbowing of Danny Dichio in the Red Bulls 2-0 win against Toronto FC on Sunday.

Playing in just his second MLS match for the club, Cichero was ejected after going up for a challenge and catching Dichio in the face with an elbow. The incident forced Dichio, who was in just his second game back from a concussion, to leave the match.

Cichero will now miss the Red Bulls upcoming key clashes with Houston and D.C. United.

What’s my take? I think MLS might have felt compelled to act considering Dichio’s recent concussion issus, but if so, is that fair to Cichero? I don’t think it was a malicious elbow and Cichero doesn’t appear to swing it with the intent to hit Dichio, but I think Dichio’s concussion history played a part in the additional game suspension.

This makes for a good poll question. Give us your take on what you think Cichero deserved for the elbow (share your thoughts on the incident below):


  1. Upon seeing the clip again, I can see that a red card or a yellow card could have been issued… I would like an explanation for the second game suspension.

  2. This guy picked a yellow early against Barcelona in a “friendly”. You could tell then he would be a disciplinary problem. I would expect many more missed games in the future.

  3. “Dichio might be tough but he’s scored like 5 goals in two years…ooops!”

    Dichio has 11 goals, not to mention 5 of those goals on his first 5 shots of this season…ooops!

  4. you know what?? I want to support this league I want to love this league and the players which I do.. But the league better said the people running the league are saying… “we don’t want you, we don’t need the fans.. We don’t need to sell tickets.. We don’t want to gain respect from the rest of the world and we don’t want stars from other countries to come to this league. Its either that or we just have moronic people running this league. That elbow won’t even get yellowcarded sometimes in other leagues. On top of that MLS schedules not 1…3 games on a FIFA day on wed. Guess what all the people paying tickets don’t get to see the best players.

    I’m fed up with MLS and its decision making …in everything!! Especially salary caps allocations and player trades they are all a bunch of alexi lala’s running this thing… Getting rid of one won’t do anything!!!!!!

  5. That was a yellow, period! A red, ok I give the ref the benefit of the doubt. 2 games, no f*king way. Dichio might be tough but he’s scored like 5 goals in two years…ooops!

  6. And by the way, Angel took a knee to his chin last season, not an elbow. I don’t believe Heaps even got a red card, let alone a suspension.

  7. The fact that Cichero made this challenge to a 6’3″ target forward on the first play where Dichio was involved is not coincidental. It was clearly meant to be a message, but a controlled message, not violence off the ball.

  8. Grawsee,

    What you’re talking about is part of the game. Every centerback in this league (and every other league) will send a message to opposing forwards that they are willing to defend their goal physically. It’s part of the game. Dichio was Cichero’s mark. Dichio is a 6’3″ target forward and he knows it. Dichio also knows that when he gets in the game, he’s going to be roughed up — and he’s prepared for it, as evidenced by his comments.

    Cichero hit him hard and deserved the card, as well as the one game suspension that comes with it, but not the 2nd game suspension. Look, other teams thought NY was soft in the middle of defense — that’s why the team got Cichero and he’s playing his role. Every team has a strongman, we’re just catching up. MLS is just getting used to NY having that kind of player. Had this been any other centerback in this league, there likely would not have been a 2 game suspension on a non-deliberate elbow.

  9. Saying it wasnt even a yellow makes you look so unbelievably stupid. I guess when you play on a football field you’re fans arent much more intelligent than football players.

  10. Wow kpugs, I was shocked when I clicked your name and say you were a RBNY supporter. Sorry, homer.

    Dichio a wuss? He’s tougher than anyone on your team. Mouthy? My behind, let’s see some links. When he says something he backs it up. Poor bitter RBNY kpugs, upset over the fact that in how many years of the franchise you’ve accomplished nothing?

  11. Wow, a lot of Red Bull fans here homering it up.

    If Guevara got 2 games, he should at least get two. It looked damn malicious, people saying either yellow or no action officially arent soccer fans.

  12. Jimmy: You’re utterly full of it. Dichio has not bitten anyone this season, he’s a target man and not expected to score a ton, and despite that has a better than 1-in-3 scoring record, putting him well ahead of about two-thirds of the strikers in the league.

    It was an unintentional foul but a dangerous play. He deserved ared and a suspension, and two games does seem harsh. But save your hate-ons for someone you know something about.

  13. I’ve never prepared for a high level sporting event, but I assume one spends the days prior studying the team at hand. Their players, strengths and weaknesses, form and capabilities should all have been brought to the forefront of the players mind.

    I’m sure Osorio made his defenders aware that Dichio was dressing for the game and would probably be subbed on in the second half, as he had not been expected to feature.

    The fact that Cich went up awkward and over the top on the first challenge, was probably just getting stuck in, but I feel he was made aware of the situation and tried to exploit it to his teams benefit. Not saying intent to injure, just some psychological poor sportsmanship, like going after the guy with the bum knee, make him play scared for his health.

    It’s only an extra game right, not two more, I think the league needs to protect players from head challenges and other such dangerous play.

    By the way has any one seen a clip of that Amado punch yet? Just curious

  14. This is such B.S. Aljarov is right and you touched on it Ives. Even taking aside the fact that Dichio is a mouthy punk who’s play doesn’t even come CLOSE to the game he talks, this was a foul, not even a yellow card.

    Of course, you do NOT mess with head injuries. Dichio definitely should have come out of the game, regardless. But the simple fact that he is recovering from a concussion is not a reason to punish players for minor fouls that are not even cardworthy.

    Just another reason why this league sucks, and will continue to suck.

    Rednow…it was barely an elbow, thank Dichio for being a wuss, not Cichero for the elbow. Plus you might want to change your name to firenow, because everyone that sees your name thinks you’re a RBNY fan.

  15. Dichio came into the league last year talking trash about how the league was not physical enough to contain him. Early in the year he bit a player and received no punishment. He ‘lit up’ the league for 6 goals last year. Based on who he elbowed, Cichero should get to hit him again and still play.

  16. At least he’ll be back for the NYRB-Fire match at TP so (as a Fire fan) I can thank him for this wonderful elbow he landed nicely on dichio.

  17. im a tfc fan, but im trying to be impartial here. when going up for a header players will jockey for position and an arm may fly out in the process and catch someone. yellow card deserved.. move on.

    my problem with this foul was that when he jumped up, his arm was fully cocked to the side with the elbow out. i dont think he took aim or struck out with the elbow, but there is no way you should have your elbow out like that going up for a header.. its inevitable that someone is going to challenge for the ball and get smacked in the head for it. so im ok with the red card, but i understand where ppl will feel it was harsh.

    that second game is definitely harsh. i think it was just a coincidence it was dichio that got smacked.. it could easily have been robo with a big lump on his head if he challenged cichero on that play.

    seems to me mls is trying to send a message that if there is a hint a player might be targeted, they aren’t afraid to take action. this red card stood out because the “victim” had to leave the game, so mls took a stand. guevara punched a dude after getting molested all the way up the pitch.. and mls sent a message there. they are trying to send a message this is a clean league, no boneheads aloud. i just with they would suspend the refs when they act like boneheads. 😛

  18. How many games did Heap get last year when he knocked JPA and the Red Bulls out of the playoffs? I honestly don’t recall, but that elbow seemed more malicious. I’ll even suck it up for the one game suspension, but two games? Does MLS have an official statement as to why Ives?

  19. Stunning really… why would he get an additional game suspension? It was part of the play and not off the ball, on top of which Dichio wasn’t extensively injured, just shaken up. Ok, elbows when 2 players are going up for headers result in red cards, granted, but why suspend Cichero for an extra game?

    Really not fair towards the Red Bulls and leads me to have even less faith in the evenness of cards and punishments by the refs and the league. Franklin fractures Marsch’s jaw, doesn’t even get a card. No word on suspension…

    What’s going on here? Are players with a history of injury getting preference to players with little history in the league? Are some teams getting preference over others? MLS imposed this silly salary cap to promote parity. But there seems ample evidence that they allow teams to get around parity with all of the other mumbo jumbo rules.

    Whatever, I guess the Red Bulls will just have to deal with it (or appeal). But if they lose points in the game after next, I really can’t fault the team for it. Considering the league has them playing with one arm tied behind their backs.

  20. get your act together MLS my goodness that wasn’t even yellow card worthy it’s two guys going for a ball.. $*** happens- if the red bulls lose because of this i’ll be even more mad

  21. Dichio’s concussion problem should be of no concern to Cichero. Just because he had one doesn’t mean any defender should tackle any lighter on Dichio. That still doesn’t in any way justify Cichero’s behavior, but it deserves a red card just like any other elbow.

  22. I think the red with the game suspension is fine. Intentional or not, it was dangerous. Adding one more game is not right in my opinion. I also think Sean Franklin should have received a red with one game suspension after breaking Jesse Marsch’s jaw, but of course received nothing yet. I don’t think it was intentional, but it was dangerous as well.

  23. Skinn, A reckless play would be a yellow card. A violent play would be a red. This play did deserve a yellow, and i can see how a red could be issued but, a 2 game suspension is excessive.

  24. 2 games is tough to swallow when it didn’t seem intentional.

    How is Parke’s ankle doing? Would be tough to have our starting central defenders out for one or both of the games.

    In baseball, players have an opportunity to appeal a suspension, and they can play while waiting on the hearing and the outcome of the hearing. Is that an option for Cichero? Of all the matches you’d want him for, it’s the defending league champs and our most hated rival who will be highly motivated for some payback after they got embarrassed after the last match.

  25. Is MLS going to do this to every player with a history of a specific injury? Now Dichio has an advantage when going up for a header because players are going to take it easy on him so as not to get a red card and a two game suspension.

    It’s a game, if it’s not malicious or intentional, why overly punish the player? I think the Red Card was enough to remind Cichero to watch his elbows during a challenge. The extra game suspension is just rubbing his nose in it. Great job MLS!

  26. You know what, as a Red Bulls fan I’ll concede to him deserving a red card and a one-game. That’s fair, even if it wasn’t intentional, as it’s still dangerous play to go up and elbow a dude in the face.

    But a two-game suspension? Nah, bruh . . beg to differ.


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