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Cichero secures visa, will play vs. Barcelona tonight


Venezuelan national team defender Gabriel Cichero has received his work visa and will be in uniform for the New York Red Bulls for tonight’s match against FC Barcelona (7pm, ESPN2).

Cichero joins the Red Bulls on loan from Venezuelan club Deportivo Italia and is expected to slide into a starting central defense role (though he is unlikely to start tonight). His size, strength and passing ability are expected to provide a sorely-needed upgrade to a Red Bulls defense that has allowed 27 goals this year, third most in MLS.

Cichero is the fourth new player to join the Red Bulls in recent weeks. He joins compatriot Jorge Rojas, Mexican defender Diego Jimenez and Argentine midfielder Juan Pietravallo, who have all signed within the past month.

What do you think about Cichero? Will he help the Red Bulls avoid being embarassed tonight by Barcelona? Are the Red Bulls any closer to escaping the Eastern Conference basement?

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  1. i saw him tonight, Cichero didn’t look bad in his RBNY debut-wish he played a little earlier in the game! I believe RBNY won’t finish dead last in the East anymore with these late signings.

  2. I liked what I saw of Gabriel Cichero; could be the best of the four pickups or at least up there with Jorge Rojas.

    Juan Pietravallo has been just okay; he has to improve on his passing.

  3. I’m hoping Cichero will be a Conde like player. We’ve really needed help in the back. Hopefully Jimenez proves to be a better option than Goldy as well. I think adding Pietr, Rojas, Cichero, and Jiminez will be a boost.

    More than that though, I hope JCO gets plenty of resources this offseason to really build the team he wants…

  4. Even if Cichero works out, they’re not even close to being a contender. Jimenez is basically a project, and Pietrovallo is a journeyman who I doubt will stick for long. So, basically you’ve added Rojas and Cichero, while losing Reyna and Altidore. They still need another fullback or two, a dynamic striker, some speed on the left wing, probably another keeper… real work to do for next season; what’s left of this season is simply an audition.

  5. yea hopefully he will provide a much needed spark to our backline…can we sign brunner back and get rid of boyens?

  6. Hopefully he’ll get decent pitch time tonight. Why not?

    I think pretty clearly the Red Bulls are in a better position for the second half of the season than the first, and I can’t see them lingering in the basement for too long.

    Think of the first half club, net of injuries to : Angel, Stammler, Reyna, Richards, Altidore (sold, not injured) – pretty weak squad on that basis, still played roughly .500 ball. Add back to this Angel (in form), Stammler, Richards (hopefully), Rojas, Cichero, Jimenez, Pietrovallo – surely more talent on the pitch now. Good moves.

  7. It won’t help. He’ll just be another casualty of a very special Ass Kicking by Barcelona. RedBulls might need to visit a therapist after tonight’s whipping.


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