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Colorado Rapids at D.C. United: Your Running Commentary


The Colorado Rapids are in D.C. tonight to take on D.C. United in a match-up of teams desperate for a win.

The Rapids begin life after Fernando Clavijo after the long-time coach resigned, leaving assistant Gary Smith to take over. D.C. is fresh off a mid-week loss to New England and need a win to keep pace in the tough Eastern Conference.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. I watched the highlights, and i couldn’t stand the commentating. But we DC United fans, are used to pretty good commentating between Thomas Rongen and Dave Johnson.

  2. There was no DC telecast last night, because Dave Johnson was in Columbus covering the Crew/RSL game. I almost cried when I saw was using the Rapids broadcasters.

  3. I was hoping Direct Kick would have kept the DC telecast; I might have learned something about soccer tonight. The Colorado anouncer was so boring and uninformative about the game–a real loss for DK subscribers.

  4. Is this seriously what Rapids fans have to deal with in terms of commentary? This guy is an idiot. Has trouble with player IDs (from both teams; as a DC fan, I seem to know the Rapids better than he does), never sure about who fouled who or who’s been awarded free kicks, and (my favorite) informed us that the US won its first ever international friendly in Guatemala last Wednesday. Plus he doesn’t get excited about anything until after it’s already happened – can’t read the game well enough to know to get excited when something might happen.

  5. Pretty boring first half. Nice goal by Vide, the Rapids announcer is really annoyingly stupid, nice crowd as usual. Blah. I hope the second half has more chances and some controversy. We’ve had like what, 5 fouls? I WANT TO SEE SOME BLOOOD!!! (not really. just spice the game up a little).

  6. The Rapids are driving me nuts. No passion after the first 10 minutes of the game. Until DC scored. Gibbs is a real valuable addition, but they need better defending out of the midfield and more options going forward.


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