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Columbus Crew at FC Dallas: Your Running Commentary


The red-hot Columbus Crew take on FC Dallas tonight at Pizza Hut Park in a key inter-conference clash.

Can FC Dallas return the favor after losing at Crew Stadium two weeks ago? Can the Crew stay in first place with a win?

If you’re watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Jordan- yea who would’ve thought 😀

    oh well, there are quite a number of games to come… for the crew sake you better hope they maintain form…. fire and NE will be pressuring heavy

  2. Crew Fan- lol, try watching the games on…. it may be the same announcers, but they are announcing for 1 team and are completely biased towards them… it’s funny….

    the LA/NE game was terrible… at least the FCD announcers were humorous… cant quite say it about the dry announcing on we get with the fire games 🙁

  3. Final – Crew 2-1 Dallas

    Same thing as 2 weeks ago. Cunningham scores first, and the Crew get 2 quick ones to take the lead later.

    Anyone know why Direct Kick doesn’t include pre- and post-game shows? Would be nice to at least hear the wrap-ups after the game.

  4. The Crew’s short passing game is slicing thru Dallas once they get past the center circle. Schelotto, Moreno, Gaven, and Rogers are just 2-touching right thru the defense. Sala made a great save to stop Gaven point-blank, and a few light touches on the fresh pitch foiled the rest.

    The game’s not out of reach by any means, but you have to feel like if there’s another goal, it’s going to be by The Crew.

    74th min, Noonan for Gaven.

    The Homernouner crew just started in again with Frankie’s foul in the 73d. They assumed the ref was going for the card b/c it was a Crew foul, and then joked about the only reason he didn’t get a card was b/c it was Frankie. They’ve spent the next 5 minutes trying to convince the listener they were just kidding with the Frankie comment, but it’s about the 20th such comment they’ve made tonight.

  5. It just happened again, too.

    Drew Moor elbows Marshall in the head, but it’s not anything rough! Oh, no! It’s “making your body bigger” and he just happens to take out Marshall and leave him on the deck for 3 minutes. Anyone knocks down Pitchkolan (sp?) that way, and it’s “those rat bastards cheating again!”

  6. I get that I’ve got the Dallas feed on Direct Kick, but the announcers are such overwhelming FCD homers it’s pathetic. Columbus is muscling up on Cooper and Iro just towers over everyone else anyway. But FCD has beat the crap out of Rogers for 60 minutes; Gaven got mugged and the announcers laughed it off on the replay. Evans’ yellow card was crap, but Rogers should’ve had one 5 minutes before it. Schelotto’s been pounded twice without embellishing and got no calls from it.

    You want the announcers to be cheerleaders – it makes the game more fun. But you don’t want them to be blind cheerleaders.

  7. Hej. Off topic but what are our choices for strikers on the national team right now for World Cup qualifying. I note Altidore (though i dont see him playing a leading role in WC qualifiers), Kenny Cooper, EJ, Ching and Charlie Davies(might be best to get a super-sub role during qualifying).

  8. 10 Top Scorers right now. Hope Cooper can take the trophy from Donovan.

    Scorer Team GP G A

    1 L. Donovan Los Angeles Galaxy 18 16 7

    2 K. Cooper FC Dallas 21 13 3

    3 E. Buddle Los Angeles Galaxy 18 12 2

    4 L. Emilio D.C. United 21 11 5

    5 J. Moreno D.C. United 20 9 8

    6 B. Ching Houston Dynamo 18 9 4

    7 J.P. Angel New York Red Bulls 14 8 2

    8 C. Barrett Chicago Fire/TFC 20 7 4

    9 A. Moreno Columbus Crew 21 7 4

    10 S. Ralston N.E. Revolution 16 6 5


    announcer at it again…

    on evans yellow the announcer said “oh and a slice of cheese for you sir” in reference to evans arguing the card 😀

  10. lol, FCD announcers have a sense of humor 😀

    “oh ref, i was only turning around” – in reference to Iro’s card…

    FCD hit the post on a free kick… dax with a great serve..


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