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Danny Dichio “okay” after being elbowed


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Toronto FC forward Danny Dichio looked clear-headed and alert as he walked out of Giants Stadium following TFC’s 2-0 loss to the Red Bulls. The big English striker left the match after just playing two minutes when Red Bulls defender Gabriel Cichero caught Dichio with an elbow to the face. Having just missed a month of action with a concussion, Dichio was removed from the match for precautionary reasons.

“I’m okay, just got a bit of a bad headache,” Dichio said after the match. “I was scared at first because I’ve just come back from (a concussion) but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that everything’s fine.”

Dichio was replaced by Jarrod Smith in the 49th minute of Sunday’s match, marking just four minutes of action a week after he played 10 minutes in TFC’s 1-0 win against Colorado. Dichio says he was replaced for precautionary reasons.

After the match, Dichio stated that the way he was feeling following the Cichero elbow wasn’t at all like the feeling when he suffered the concussion on July 1st against the Vancouver Whitecaps, which forced him to miss a month of action. That said, Dichio will have to wait a while to be re-evaluated ahead of Saturday’s match against New England.


  1. It should have been a yellow at best. Just chalk it up to the consistently inconsistent refs of MLS. And you can tell here who hasn’t had a concussion ;). When you have one, the last thing you are thinking about is going back out to play. Dichio went out for precautionary reasons so that he could maybe play another game this season. And I’m not sure if others are aware of it but we really need him back to win.

    And the reason why most people hate us TFC fans is because there’s too many of us who think that we’re God’s gift to soccer. We just do our job exactly like what supporters of other teams do. What fans of other teams don’t realize is that we’re 4th or 5th in the Toronto sports food-chain and are just trying to be heard in our market alone. But I blame that mostly on TSN ;).

  2. ” find this very strange, in England, there is almost no such thing as concussion being an injury.

    If a player gets knocked out, he doesn’t miss any playing time.

    Why is the attitude so different in america?”

    Uh… in the last couple years, off the top of my head: Petr Cech, Ned Vidic, Paul Scholes (“vision problems” = post concussion syndrome), John Terry, Michael Owen, and I’m sure there are more.

    The extent to which players miss time is determined by the degree of concussion. Maybe you’ve heard players out for “fractured skull”? Same thing.

  3. Didn’t DVB get an elbow to the face in the first half?

    looks like he went in for the ball and missed, kicked the other dudes legs and received an elbow to the face as a clear pay back. That elbow only got the TFC player a yellow, and DVB got himself a yellow as well.

    So why did Chicero deserve a straight red? It looked unintentional to me as opposed to the retribution elbow received by DVB…

  4. Before the All-Star game I didn’t give a crap about Toronto FC. Their existence was harmless. Now I really can’t stand them.

  5. Our doctors are better I guess? haha.

    In all seriousness though, hats off to all of the jerks actually mocking Dichio for coming off. The guy has missed over a month with severe post-concussion symptoms

    In his second week of trying to come back, he gets an (I assume unintentional) elbow to the side of the head, which is enough to give him a headache, and another concussion scare, so he comes off.

    As for people talking about the play:

    a) Dichio doesn’t hand out cards, the crummy MLS refs do. Take it up with them.

    b) The red card was for “dangerous play”, meaning the elbow didn’t have to be intentional, it just had to be reckless enough.

    I’ve also never gotten the anti-TFC hate. People act like we are a cancer on the league, when in fact, we are the only club with 100% home sell outs, and some of the most vocal supporters groups (though I still personally give the nod to Barra Brava; sitting past midnight in the pouring rain to watch your boys is admirable). Toronto FC has been great for MLS as a whole.


    – Scott

  6. I find this very strange, in England, there is almost no such thing as concussion being an injury.

    If a player gets knocked out, he doesn’t miss any playing time.

    Why is the attitude so different in america?

  7. As the article said he just came off a major concussion and got a bad headache…how does that make him a baby for coming off. Last time I checked, players don’t hand out cards genius.

  8. you got to be kidding me, that “elbow” wasn’t worth a red card. an “elbow” worth a straight red would have to be like the one in WC ’06 on McBride. Terry Vaughn is a better referee than that

  9. they guy has a history of cuncussions before. You cant blame him for being worried when he gets knocked on the head. With that said i dont think cichero’s elbow was intentional

  10. Awwwwwwwww. Poor effing baby. I don’t normally even THINK of making light of head injuries, but come on Danny. You make you’re living pretending to be a tough guy, and you got someone red carded. All in a day’s work you wussy.


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