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Galaxy looking to deal Ruiz to make room for Lewis


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The Los Angeles Galaxy needs money. No, not actual cash (they have sold enough David Beckham jerseys not to need actual cash). What LA needs is allocation money and salary cap space (despite what the Bottomless Galaxy Salary Cap jokes suggest).

The Galaxy is set to acquire U.S. national team defender Eddie Lewis but must first make room for him on the cap and LA is trying a variety of solutions, including trying to trade Carlos Ruiz, in order to make that salary cap space available.

So where could Ruiz wind up? Try Toronto FC, which could certainly use the services of ‘El Pescadito’. Toronto has a bunch of allocation money from the myriad of trades it has made this season and could give LA the cap relief it needs to sign Lewis.

The Galaxy had been hoping to make a deal before tonight’s crucial match against Chivas USA so Lewis could play in the match, but the clock is tocking on that window.

What do you think about the Galaxy putting Ruiz on the block again? Do you like the addition of Lewis on the Galaxy?

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  1. You guys are dreaming about Ruiz trade value. In essence, LAG will have to pay someone to take him off their hands. His salary is greatly in excess of his current form. Although he potentially could have something to add in the right situation, his $460K of guaranteed salary is too much. Even at half that amount it would be debatable unless he returns to his form circa 2006.

  2. no FREAKING way would Jason Kreis EVER bring Ruiz in to RSL!

    There isn’t a player in MLS that is probably more despised, and the vets like Rimando, Dema, Cletus, Borchers, Wingert, Beckerman, Williams, would all scratch their eyes out before playing with El Floporito!


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