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Men’s Olympic Soccer: Matchday One (Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. Today is the first day of Men’s Olympic soccer action, with the second set of games about to get under way.

These are the matches taking place right now:

  • Argentina vs. Ivory Coast
  • Netherlands vs. Nigeria
  • China vs. New Zealand
  • South Korea vs. Cameroon

If you want to follow the matches, the best place to do so is at the NBC Olympics website, which has live streaming video as well as my live commentary during the match (I am providing commentary for the Netherlands-Nigeria match). As always, you can share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on any of the matches in the comments section here on SBI.

Enjoy the matches


  1. Celtic’s Evander Sno with an undeserved straight red in extra time — ouch! Good for the US though as he’ll miss next game.

    I would like to say once again for the record that I strongly dislike Italy and especially Giuseppe Rossi. The so-called foul which led to Italy’s third goal (PK) was a blatant flop. Honduras was outclassed but didn’t deserve to lose 3-0.


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