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Morning Ticker: Robinho to Chelsea heating up, Arshavin begging to leave Russia and Eto’o could still move


Good morning folks. As we get a day off from Olympic soccer, it is time start looking toward the busy European transfer market as the European season creeps closer and closer. How close? The EPL season is just a week away.

Here are some stories to get your day started:

Chelsea bids for Robinho

It was long believed that Real Madrid would sell Brazilian star Robinho once it acquired Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, the Spanish champions may wind up with neither player after Chelsea officially made a bid for Robinho. Robinho’s agent has revealed that his client is not happy at Real Madrid and wants to move (I’m sure the likely salary increase has nothing to do with that.)

What will Real Madrid do now? Ronaldo has already stated he is staying at Manchester United and with Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder already sidelined with a knee injury, losing Robinho could lead to a very difficult start of the La Liga season. Some (including myself) would call this scenario a bit of karma after Ramon Calderon’s blatant attempts to tamper with Ronaldo. Somewhere, Alex Ferguson is laughing out loud.

Arshavin to Zenit: Let me go

Russian star forward/midfielder Andrei Arshavin has watched his transfer prospects go from sky-high to in danger of disappearing as his current club, Zenit St. Petersburg prices all suitors out of the running. Arshavin has grown frustrated by the process and has told Zenit to let him go to Tottenham.

The real question is whether Tottenham will buy him now that the Berbatov to Man U move looks dead in the water. Without that transfer revenue you won’t see Spurs pay the big asking price for Arshavin. Tottenham might still find a taker for Berbatov in Spain, but with three weeks to go before the end of the transfer window, time is running out.

Future still unclear for Eto’o

You would think that Samuel Eto’o has played well enough this pre-season to stick with FC Barcelona after a summer of rumors surrounding his likely departure.

Think again.

Barcelona is still entertaining offers for him and Eto’o looks likely to transfer, a move that could clear the way for Barcelona to buy Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

So why the haste to dump Eto’o? That’s a very good question. He has been a beast during Barcelona’s pre-season, with his two-goal display against the Red Bulls leaving little doubt about his form. The question now is where might he wind up. AC Milan? Chelsea? Manchester United?

What do you think of Robinho’s potential move to Chelsea? Would Real Madrid be crazy to sell him now? Do you see Arshavin going to Tottenham? Which club do you see buying Eto’o?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. why would you trade eto’o for adebayor. i just don’t get it. what more do you want in a striker than eto’o – still with potential to improve. ugh.

  2. The Eto’o story is surprising. He’s looked fantastic in the matches I’ve seen. Just devastating in the box. He looks much more dangerous than Henry. I know it was only against the Red Bulls, but his footwork on the second goal he scored in that match was something. I had a similar reaction to Harkes’ in the broadcast when he watched the replay and said “my God!”. Anyway, you list AC Milan as a possibility for him. Highly doubt that as I thought the problem with him was his not getting along with Ronaldinho. Unlikely that he’ll just join back up with him again in Milan.

  3. Good move for Chelsea – they desperately need a left winger (and have ever since Robben went to Real). But Real’s midfield/winger position is getting awfully light if they sell Robinho. Gago and Drenthe are going to have to step up after they get back.

  4. The new rumour is that Real will go after Quaresma. Inter is only offering 25m euros. Calderon can steal him from Mourinho for 30m euros.

  5. Fergie might be chuckling that Real has players itching to move, but he doesn’t want Chelsea strengthening themselves either.

  6. I was looking forward to seeing Amado play the Red Bulls on the 17th. Now I’ve learned that he will be suspended two games … not just one … and so I guess he won’t be facing the Red Bulls on the 17th. Too bad!!!

  7. I almost always take the side of the club in things like this (i.e. paying them millions, they signed a contract, they can demand more money and threaten to leave but the club can’t demand to pay them less if they have a bad season, etc.)

    I actually feel for Arshavin though. At 27 this really might be, like he says, his one chance to go to a big time league while still in his prime. I find myself really hoping Zenit lower their price a little and let him move on.

  8. Arshavin will be at Spurs before too long. The whole process of dealing with the Russian league is… um… weird.

    Also, I’m fairly certain that Arsh isn’t and wasn’t a replacement for Berbs, but for Keane.

  9. dave,

    I was thinknig the same.

    On that token I’d love to see Robinho at chelsea if nothing more than for the Karma. Can’t put all the blame on Claderon though, Ronaldo hada hand in this crap and sure as heck helped it drag on as far as it did. Maybe that was Man U’s plan all along, throw a wrench in Madrid’s off season so they’ll be that much weaker in the Champions League.

  10. well certainly Calderon doesn’t want to keep Robinho in bondage, right Mr. Blatter? after the stink they’ve made about C. Ronaldo, they have to let Robinho go. of course, Real plays by different rules than everyone else.

  11. “a move that could clear the way for Barcelona to buy Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.”

    i thought adebayor jus signed and settled his future..


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