Chelsea eyes Kaka (again)

Chelsea eyes Kaka (again)

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Chelsea eyes Kaka (again)



Don’t you just love billionaire magnates who think they can buy whatever they want? Consider the case of Roman Abramovich. The Russian owner of Chelsea FC apparently has his sights set on spending a mountain of cash on luring a star Brazilian to Stamford Bridge. Now that the quest for Robinho is dead thanks to Real Madrid shutting the door on a potential move, Chelsea has decided to go up in class in its chase for some Jogo Bonito.

The next target is Kaka. The interest is nothing new but it appears that the Blues can smell blood in its quest to dethrone Manchester United and they know landing Kaka would give a HUGE boost to their EPL and Champions League title chances.

The only problem is AC Milan, which has stated repeatedly that it doesn’t intend to sell its best player. Money talks though and you can’t help but wonder if Abramovich is ready to sign a blank check to land the star known as Ricky Kaka. Does Milan selling make much sense? Not really, but if you send them enough money they could presumably add two or three top-shelf players before the transfer window closes on Aug. 31.

So what you think? Does Chelsea have a real chance of luring Kaka to England? Do you think Milan would be crazy to sell, or crazy to turn down an astronomical offer?

Share your thoughts below.

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