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Morning Ticker: Madrid to break bank for Villa, Sheva returns to Milan and more transfer news


Good morning all. As the clock ticks down on the European summer transfer window the action is beginning to heat up as both buyers and sellers get desperate to make deals.

I will discuss the prospects of some American transfer targets later this morning. For now, let’s focus on the big-money comings and goings in the European market:

Real Madrid to offer $76M for Villa

With Robinho set to make a move to Chelsea, Real Madrid’s desperation to find a replacement has led them to push Valencia one more time for Euro 2008 Golden Boot winner David Villa. Real Madrid is reportedly set to make a take-it-or-leave-it offer of $76 million for Villa, a figure undoubtedly financed by the impending Robinho sale.

Will Valencia budge? The club’s president is reportedly unwilling to part with either Villa or Silva after promising to keep both as part of his presidential bid. That said, can he really turn down the astronomical figure being tossed around now?

Shevchenko returns to Milan

Two years after leaving long-time home AC Milan for a big-money move to Chelsea, Andriy Shevchenko has completed his return to Milan. After two failed season in the EPL, can he recapture his old form? More importantly, will he be able to earn a starting spot with the Brazilian trio of Kaka, Ronaldinho and Alexandre Pato in the forward mix alongside Filippo Inzaghi?

Berbatov a Tottenham reserve?

The lengthy Dimitar Berbatov transfer saga has taken a new twist, with Tottenham threatening to drop Berbatov to the reserves until a team (read Manchester United) pays Tottenham’s set price for him.

Can you say negotiation ploy?

Considering Tottenham has lost two games to start the season can the Spurs really afford to try and play hardball? Look for a deal to be completed before the transfer window. Tottenham can’t keep an unhappy Berbatov around and it needs the money from his sale to try and grab a striker before the window closes.

Transfer Roundup

Here are some other transfers and loans that have been recently completed or are set to be completed:

Which of these transfer moves stands out for you? Which makes the least sense?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. why is everyone glossing over the whole rivaldo to uzbekistan thing? UZBEKISTAN? the absurdity hurts my brain!!! MLS couldn’t throw $7m a year at him?!?

  2. Kompany to Man City is a good move…lots of good, young talent at that club…I’m excited to watch them in the future

  3. I’m very disappointed with HSV – first, they sell Rafael van der Vaart, and now Kompany. They lost their main playmaker and now one of their better (if not best) defender. This is what happened a couple of years ago when they sold off their best central defender and their best forward/mid – and they ended up in dead last place by midseason. HSV is my favorite team, and I hate to see them give in to the pressures of selling instead of keeping the players for championship runs.

  4. I would say support Man U or Aresenal. Who cares about “transfer saga’s” when the soccer is exciting? If you want to root for a team outside of the top four pull for Sunderland. Roy Keane and the boys have picked up some extremely good talent this year as they make a push to become a mid-level team. Who know they might even be able to fill in the 5th or 6th spot on the table this year, that is if they can continue to play like they did against the spurs.

  5. Support Chelsea? That is pathetic to come along and pick the biggest spender, in my opinion.

    I think its more fun picking one of the have nots (within reason).

    Villa, Sunderland (though they are becoming a have), Everton, etc.

    I support West Ham, unless you want to go grey early–i wouldn’t suggest them.


  6. Oh, and Rossi is injured — leaving Jozy and GFranco and Llorente as the remaining healthy strikers for the next two or three weeks.

  7. When asking about rosters for the nat’l team, please don’t refer to Ives. You can just ask me, and I’ll be happy not to tell you.

  8. Paul, I had read something a while back…but I think the same attitude problems that plagued him at Shaktar continued.

    Nice move by Betis, though.

    Real Madrid looking at Cazorla, as well…

    BTW, Jozy has been called up for the next 2 WCQ (Villarreal web site).

  9. Castillo has been consistantly hurt since he got to Citeh. Not major injuries, but little knocks that have kept him out for weeks at a time. Also, the players he is competing against for playing time are good. He didn’t do as well as DeMarcus Beasly when he was there, but he didn’t get more than a dozen games.


    Telling him to root for Chelsea would be like telling a new baseball fan to root for the Yankee’s becuase they have the most money and are in the World Seies a lot.

    And tell me you weren’t disappointed by the Champions League Final. Oh, and John Terry spit at a Man U player during the game….but when your owner is the 15th richest guy in the world, it gets swept under the rug without a fine, suspension, or even a mention in the papers all month.

  10. Sinner,

    I am a huge RSL fan as well. I would suggest the Chelsea boat. I have been a huge Chelsea fan since I got into football, and I can’t say they disappoint.

  11. Giuseppe Rossi hurt his ankle this morning in practice, if everything turns out no more than what they expect, then he will be out 2-3 weeks. Look for Altidore to start or get some real playing time this weekend.

  12. Sin2R,

    Wenger made a deal for Silvestre last week so Arsenal defensive situation is rock solid. Gallas, Toure, Silvestre, Song in the center.

    As for who to follow….I am such a huge EPL guy for a lot of years so I will give you a few suggestions for a non-bandwagon jumper, like you seem to be.

    Everton- they’ve got Tim Howard in goal. They’re just outside the top 4 due to their shrewd manager David Moyes and are plaing the the UEFA Cup. Will the take the next step forward? They really haven’t signed anybody in the transfer window so who knows. They’ve got 2 exciting midfielders in Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta and an awesome horse of a forward in Yakubu.

    Aston Villa- Brad Friedel is their goalie with Brad Guzan apprenticing. They also gave MLS Juan Pablo Angel. Martin O’Niell used to manage Celtic and totally turned them around last year. Really exciting attack. 2 of the best prospects in England which are both lightning fast in Gabriel Abonglohour and Ashley Young. Solid midfield with Petrov and Gareth Barry, but their a little shaky on defense. Definitly a team on the rise.

    If you want any more suggestions or info., just hollar.

  13. What is Arsenal doing? Don’t they need defenders?

    I’m not a big Arsenal fan; I am really just asking.

    I was more of a ManU fan, but… can’t root for them this year after the CR7 saga.

    Liverpool? I used to support them more than others, but they always disappointed.

    Chelski? I hate to think of supporting a Russian Billionare. But, I do like Deco and Robinho….

    Any suggestions on who to follow in the EPL? RSL is my MLS team. So, I have no problem supporting losers as long as they are expected to be losers… .lol….101….

  14. Ives, have you heard anything about Heath Pearce getting a transfer somewhere new? I briefly read something about that. If he’s not starting regularly, Bradley might start shopping around for a new left back. Maybe the reason he didn’t start last week was just because his travel back from Guatemala.


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