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Olympic semifinal: Brazil vs. Argentina (Your running commentary)

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Good morning everybody. Today is the day the participants for the Olympic men’s soccer gold medal match will be determined. One of the spots has already been clinched. The second spot will be fought for between the two teams considered the best in the tournament.

Lionel Messi and Argentina faces Ronaldinho and Brazil in today’s marquee match-up. Can Argentina’s attack break down a Brazil defense that hasn’t allowed a goal in the tournament? Can Brazil’s offense get going after a flat performance in the quarterfinals?

If you want to watch the match, the best place to do so (especially if you are stuck at work) is the NBC Olympic website. I will be providing the running text commentary along with the streaming video on the NBC Olympic website so be sure to have two windows open on your computer, one for the video and one for SBI, where you can discuss the action. Yes, the game is on TV and can be seen on MSNBC.

If you will be watching the match (and how won’t you be?) please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. (You can also feel free to discuss the Nigeria-Belgium semifinal here as well).

Enjoy the match.


  1. Hernanes off Neves on. No brainer here, except I wouldve taken off Diego who will next be seen in In Plain Sight on USA (thanks Ives for the witness protectin pun)

  2. That’s the right ball — bullet the ball in there and see what happens (ala Orozco/Jozy for the US games ago). I love that type of cross.

  3. Where is the guy that was calling everything like subs and scores in the US-Holland game? He had names right and was off by no more than two minutes every stinkin time.

  4. Just think… no red card in the first 5 minutes and the US could easiy have been in Nigeria’s shoes right now going for a gold medal… US Soccer really needed this too….

  5. Good first half. About the first game, all I have to say is WOW!!! Woke up early for this and was not letdown. Nigeria put a world class beatdown on Belgium. 4-1 was the final but Nigeria couldve scored twice that. Overpowered, outran, outpassed, outshot, and outscored Belgium, who clearly looked like they peaked with that Italy win. A lot to ask of them, espcially since Nigeria was a medal favorite coming into this. Whoever wins this game with ARG-BRA, they will have they’re hands full with Nigeria in the final

  6. The coaches need to make a statement to the players that as evenly matched as these two teams are, With the chances they’ve made, to go into the half at 0-0 is pretty dissapointing. Brazil has had NO shots on goal and Argentina just two. I really dont wanna see this game go to penalties.

  7. Within 6 minutes Balboa has already said “that’s the beauty of…” 4 times and told us that he “talked about that earlier” twice.


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