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Olympics: USA women vs. Japan (Your Running Commentary)


Good morning all. Today marks the Olympic women’s soccer semifinal between the United States and Japan (9am, MSNBC) in a rematch of the group stage match won by the Americans, 1-0.

You can watch the action in live streaming video on the NBC Olympic website.

If you will be watching today’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. im sorry but this game was so much worse compared to past games…so many times USA got possesion, then decided to long ball it down field!! why!! 19 out of 20 times the other team gets it and you are right on the defensive again…yet japan was the team that played great one touch football and created some chances…usa’s 3 and 4th goals was such luck, and thats just the day it was for japan, that usa absolutly messed up 2 crosses and they ended up in the net. hopefully we will see better football during the final game….

  2. They can beat Brazil IF they don’t try and resort to “boom ball” over the top. Clogging the midfield, and creating chances off of solid passing will frustrate the Brazilians. Somebody else also mentioned this. Brazil tends to make critical errors in the D. We need to keep pressure upfront, even if it looks like a sure clear. Brazil is known for making that “lazy pass” back, or poor clearance across the middle of the D, that a waiting and oportunistic player can take advantage of and make them pay.

    As for our D, they need to make sure they stay goalside and jockey players like Marta, instead of stabbing at their head fakes and footwork. That will also quickly frustrate the Brazilian offense.

  3. Overall, a dominant performance. I expected the US to win by 3-4 goals. The goal that we let up at the end was not so good though and showed a lack of concentration.

    The gold medal game will be interesting. Brazil is looking so good. We will have to play our best game of the tournament to beat them. One thing we need to focus on against Brazil is our transition, particularly our central midfielders. If they can get in there and clog up the space on defense, it will frustrate Brazil. We also need to take advantage of their disorganization in the back.

    Great job to the USA Women and to Pia!


  4. please, somebody weigh in on why Wagner is getting almost no minutes. I’ve heard nothing about an injury. Surely with her talent, she can be counted on to give Lloyd a rest?

  5. The women will win this game but if they play the way they did in the first half against Brazil they will lose. The back 4 cannot play kickball and then make a pass into center mid with 3 people on her or a ball over the top. Brazil will be able to put pressure on them.

    Go USA!

  6. Folks we are at halftime if you get a chance to see videos of this game try to get a hold of Chalupny’s goal! What a goal and what a lead into that goal.

  7. Funny play by play from NBC website already had it as a goal …so I was just waiting to see when it happened on the web video…

  8. Pia should definitely have started Natasha Kai. Why are they still playing with 1 forward?

    I would take out Hucles now and put in Kai. I would push Kai up top with A-Rod and run at the Japanese defense.

    I have Rachel Yankey doing the commentary on BBC and she’s doing a very good job!

  9. The NBC website coverage for this game is bab on my side. It keeps buffering every 5-8 mins so far. And the worst of it all there was a commercial in between. Oh well I guess someone has to pay the bill for the coverage.

    Hopefully US can tie before the end of the half. Right now it is JAP 1 – USA 0 at the 26 min mark.

  10. Brandi Chastain is driving me nuts. I can barely stand to keep the commentary on but I want to hear JP. She just won’t stop.

  11. I can’t believe they let this referee ref this game, especially after she unjustly gave Shannon Boxx a red card in the World Cup. She’s already missing calls left and right. This is the best ref they could find?

    Go USA.


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