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Goalkeepers are king in the world of fantasy MLS and nobody has enjoyed as strong a season as Jon Busch.

The Chicago Fire goalkeeper has been a steady force in the net and has served as the only goalkeeper capable of seriously challenge New England’s Matt Reis for goalkeeper of the year.

SBI fantasy correspondent Casey Cannon hasn’t had much faith on Busch, and has paid dearly for it. In this week’s SBI fantasy MLS corner, Cannon writes a letter to Busch to explain his lack of belief, and also gives you his tips for this week’s fantasy MLS action.


Hello and Welcome to the Soccer by Ives Fantasy Corner – now even more humble!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only someone who thinks way too much can provide.  I write this Monday night before the official injury reports come out, so don’t be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to

Dear Jon Busch,

First please understand that I want to trust you.  But I am from Columbus, and when Sigi kicked you out of town I thought for sure that our relationship was over.  And now that Brian is going to play for Chicago, well I just have no faith in long term relationships.  I know the spreadsheet says you are the best goalkeeper in the game; just sometimes I just can’t help picking against you.  I hope you can forgive the times that I have strayed, because every time I stray I am hurt terribly.  Just look what happened last week when I wanted to trust you, but didn’t. 

First I went and recommended taking three players from New England.  You have been good to me all season, and I go and repay you by picking against you.  Sure I mentioned a caveat about if the Revs were worn out by a long SuperLiga game.  But that doesn’t make me feel any better. 

If it makes you feel any better Jon, my other picks were horrible too.  DC United only managed one goal in a loss to New York, while I advised everyone to avoid Toronto, a team that managed to beat the embarrassingly bad Rapids. I am hopelessly lost without you starting on my team.

For individual players my picks we better perhaps, but no less hurtful.  My goalie pick was obviously the dagger in our relationship.  I don’t know why I ignored the spreadsheet and picked Reis over you.  But I just couldn’t help myself.   I moved on to pick Moreno for a value pick, who got a goal, tempered with a yellow card. Then I warned against the overpriced Marinelli who earned zero points – again. For the week I only went 2/5.  That’s only 40%, Jon.  If I had only trusted your team I would be near 100%.  Can’t you see, Jon? You complete me.  This week I will have faith in you and your team.  Just keep reading, I hope you like my team picks.

Team Picks

Take Three – Chicago Fire.  My logic goes like this Chicago > New York.  New York > DC United (based on last weeks game).  Therefore Chicago > DC Untied.  Chicago is at home.  DC has a horrible defense. Chicago has the #1 keeper Mr. Jon Busch.   

Take Three – Houston Dynamo.  Houston is playing like a championship caliber team.  They face a RSL team playing off their home carpet and without center defender Olave.  Brian Ching should be looking forward to this game.

Avoid – Toronto.  The mighty maple leafs earned a goal against the schizophrenic Rapids.  Now the team from the north will travel to New York to shut down Angel and Van Den Bergh.  I don’t see it happening. 

Two Up, Two Down

The technical difficulties from last week were solved.  However, with half the league off the last week there wasn’t too much movement of interest.  Players who received red cards have seen their Points per game plummet, while Juan Pablo has seen his PPG improve.

Player recommendations

Keeper – Jon Busch.  Busch is the best fantasy goalie.  He plays against a team that only managed one goal against New York last week.  If for some reason Bush isn’t your goalie choice, Matt Reis plays on the road against San Jose.   

Value – Edson Buddle.  Jon you used to play with Edson, so you know what kind of player he is.  Like you he is undervalued at only 175,000, yet he averages 14 points a game.  While he is no where near your amazing cost per point, he is still one of the best in the game..

Overpriced – Brian Mullan 253,909 per point. For his 441,000 cost there are about a hundred other field players available.  When Mullan plays two games next week he becomes a better deal (though still not worth the cost compared to the other midfield choices.)

Jon, I hope you stop by next week, when I really really will look at the defenders in the league.


  1. Joamiq – nope, I am in a local leauge. I hit 65 2 weeks ago, but got just killed last week. (I bet the farm on NE and got burnt) So I dropped to 100. It was my first drop in the standings since May.

    I thought about adding a second account to just compare weekly notes with the SBI leauge, but lazy won over industrious.

  2. DC v fire hinges on Gallardo (sp). If he plays I am suddenly uncomfortable with Busch. Both Reis and Onstad deserve a good look.

    As for Toronto, its not Bias. Toronto has not shown a consistant ability to score, so there is no reason to take forwards or mids. I like Angel, Van den Burgh and Rojas over the Toronto Defense on the Road. Additionally, beating colorado isn’t anything to crow about.

  3. I think Onstad is a slightly better choice this week than Busch. RSL can’t find the net on the road. Despite last weekend’s game DC still leads the east in goals. I would not be picking the keeper that faces them.

  4. Agree that TFC has been bad on the road but you don’t get the fourth best goals against in the league by accident. They just shut out colorado at home, and several key players are back this week. I think dead-certing that one is showing the Columbus Few bias.

    Posted by: jloome | August 13, 2008 at 09:28 PM

    Of the top five best GA, three play their home games on turf. I’m just saying.

  5. Agree that TFC has been bad on the road but you don’t get the fourth best goals against in the league by accident. They just shut out colorado at home, and several key players are back this week. I think dead-certing that one is showing the Columbus Few bias.


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