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Report: Edu set for Glasgow Rangers move


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Maurice Edu has spent just two seasons in MLS, but that may be enough time for him to earn a big-money move to Europe.

According to the Washington Post, Edu is on the verge of a $5 million move to Scottish power Glasgow Rangers. Edu has been drawing the eye of European scouts for some time, and even drew some interest from English club Aston Villa last year, but the MLS rookie of the year appears poised to make the move just two seasons after being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 MLS Draft.

Edu would join fellow U.S. national team midfielder DaMarcus Beasley at Rangers, which is still reeling from its shock exit from the UEFA Champions League.

What do you think of Edu making a move to Rangers? Would he be better off waiting for an EPL team to come calling? Is the Scottish Premier League the ideal place for Edu’s career to take the next step? Would this move end Toronto FC’s hopes of a playoff run?

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  1. Don’t worry David, across all of Europe the SPL is considered to be of an extremely poor standard. Outisde of the Big 2 I can’t disagree from what I have seen. Here in ALL of the Americas we consider it to be extremely poor also.

    See, you have a bias for your poor league, and we have a bias for our poor league.

  2. Rangers would be a huge step up for this guy, i hope he can handle pressure and perform consistently.

    Scottish football may not be the most technical in the world but it’s fast paced, rough and passionate. A player has to wear his heart on his sleeve so to speak.

    The SPL a good stepping stone for players to the best league in the world imo, the EPL. Sure the spanish teams play ‘pretty’ football, but for excitement, the EPL is excellent. And when it comes to the top european competitions, the EPL teams are dominant.

    I don’t know much about the MLS and the standard there, the general opinion is that it is poor but seeing the american national team come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years then something must be going well. After all you always want to be the best in the sports that you are competing in.

    Just don’t let the influx of 2nd rate players like Beckham smear your judgement of european players, they are not all wanabe movie stars etc.

  3. I think it’s a win win for both MLS and Edu. Not Toronto!

    Edu will get paid and should be expose to more quality teams. Not only in the SPL but also playing against other European teams. MLS needs to use the money wisely.

  4. the SPL is garbage except for Celtic and, mabye Rangers (i’m not so sure anymore because of that awful loss to some team I never heard of)


    He’s been pretty garbage this season. Get rid of him, take the money and invest it in another player who will make an impact more immediately!

  6. “Good for him!” is what I think . . quality player who I think can only improve by going abroad. Man, everyone is getting the hell out of dodge, aren’t they?

  7. Based on his form for TFC this year I am amazed that he is getting US SMNT call ups and transfer offers in the range of $5 million. His TFC perfomances this year have made me wonder whether Mo’s qualities are a bit overhyped. Living in Canada, I didn’t see the US olympic games. Do people think his future lies at centre back, rather than defensive midfield?

  8. Based on his form for TFC this year I am amazed that he is getting US SMNT call ups and transfer offers in the range of $5 million. His TFC perfomances this year have made me wonder whether Mo’s qualities are a bit overhyped. Living in Canada, I didn’t see the US olympic games. Do people think his future lies at centre back, rather than defensive midfield?

  9. By the way, outside of Glasgow, the only thing the SPL has over MLS is better pay. Edu may get noticed by bigger clubs faster at Ranger, but I’m not sure this speeds his development much.

    I think he’d be better off finishing the season and looking for a January transfer to a better league.

  10. I dont understand all these people wondering why he would/should go. Get the hell out of here as fast as you can. Make the money while you still can. If you stay here your not gonna make nearly the money. Pickens sat on the bench for a terrible Championship side and pretty much trippled his money in one season. So going to a storied side like Rangers is a no brainer. So what hes not in the CL. Whats he playing in here? Over there everygame matters to the players and fans. Here you can go on a 2 month winless streak, get into the playoffs and win the league. The first 15 or so games dont mean anything in this league.

  11. Three things here. First off, I’m surprised more rumors haven’t swirled around this kid. I’m really impressed with him, and think he has a good future. Two, what position is Rangers interested in him for? He is a defensive midfielder, however, we saw how well he did in the Olympics against some good competition playing centerback. I know Rangers is about to lose Cuellar and David Weir is as old as dirt, so they will need help there. I know little of their center midfield situation. Finally, where will Rangers have the money for this move. Crashing out of Europe so early will undoubtedly hurt the bank accounts when they make so little domestically, so will they have the funds available to make moves like this.

  12. Weren’t Rangers accused of some of the most negative football ever in the UEFA cup last year? Is that really a good place for Edu to develop?

  13. Nice, good for you Maurice.

    Hey Tony, Neil Clarke played for Celtic in the early 20th century, quit complaining! On second that, that was a little before our time. 😉

  14. I think it would be a good move for two reasons: It would give him exposure to major European competition (though obviously not right away) and big game experience when it comes to Celtic-Rangers. If he uses the opportunity well he could easily move to an English side, given the amount of players that flow between the two countries’ leagues.

  15. Did Rangers fall out of the UEFA Cup too? If so, Edu shouldn’t go to Rangers this year but should wait for a better offer. Either with someone else or with Rangers next year.

    We’ve heard the Red Bulls are trying to get an allocation to get Kandji. Combine that with the Edu move and I think the trade maybe Stammler or Ubiparipovic to Toronto for allocation cash. Toronto has lots of allocation cash to spend and either of those guys can play d-mid or as 2-way midfielders.

  16. Cool, I think in the stretch we were going to go 4-4-2 with barrett and some other guy up top, so it didn’t make sense to have 2 DMs when Guevara would be playing the other central (advanced) role. Although we are short on CBs at the moment so it would have been good to have edu for that based on how he played it for the USMNT. Good luck to him if it happens.

  17. …so a British guy thinks the SPL is better. Gee, what a surprise.

    I’m always amused when someone with a clear bias makes an “honest opinion” assessment on the quality of something when there si zero real way to tell.

    Tell ya one thing. I’ll wager my house on Celtic and Rangers, none of the others, in Scotland in the winter.

    I wouldn’t wager my house, bu tboth my cars and some serious money on th ebest MLS teams playing Celtic/Rangers here in the summer.

    People always look at what they know, in it’s best conditions, and make assessments that incredibly almost favor what they know! Amazing. It’s pretty clear that when you take Euro teams out of Europe and their comfort zone they take clear steps down in performance. Clear. That is not an opinion. That’s 40 years of watching. Fact.

    The answer depends. When and where are they playing and who is involved. Then all give you my honest opinion.

  18. Why, oh why can’t any of our Nats play for Celtic? Is it too much to ask we get one man on the Hoops?

    Maybe their just saving up to make another Wolyniec swoop…

  19. It’s okay, but I would prefer La Liga. There’s no need to aim for the EPL. The whole England NT plays there, and where has that gotten them?

  20. I think our playoff chances are finished as we havent signed the striker we need vs Edu leaving. Yes we havent got sufficiant back up in his position (we have got alot of young ones that still need to learn) but that isnt where we will lose out. Im not too mad tho, granted Mo should have had at least 1 new striker in by now, but we do have a relatively solid team in our second year with which we can build from.

  21. The SPL is better than MLS imho, though top MLS teams would be competitive in that league. I can think of four advantages for Mo:

    1) Money

    2) UEFA/CL Potential

    3) Old Firm playing environment (that pressure, played at least 4-6 times per year, is good for dealing with WC qualifying and WC pressure)

    4) Quality pitches/no turf!

    Regarding #4–I wish that MLS would recognize that for both players and fans, the quality of the product is directly related to the quality of the pitch. Watching the game at the HDC last night was a complete joke–that sod looked as if it were literally laid out yesterday. The ball didn’t even roll on it properly, bouncing up and down.

    I’d rather watch (and play) on any SPL pitch (now that Gretna’s gone!) than several of the MLS surfaces (RBNY, HDC, TFC, RSL, etc.).

  22. great for the nats. it’s a big enough club that if he succeeds there and baby bradley falters where he ends up, there would be no way for daddy to justify not picking Mo in the middle. i’m really tired of watching us field orange cones.

  23. I don’t see how this is a good move, at least in the short term. No CL action, and the SPL, aside from Rangers and Celtic, is not a better league than MLS.

  24. Rangers and the SPL are much, much better in one major category. Money.

    Also, work permite?

    He has zero official senior Home Office caps. Friendlies don’t count.

    That is one work permit stretch. Will Mo’s recommendation and his Olympic performance be good enough? Don’t see how, but then again, who knows with the permit office.

  25. Good move for him. He’ll not be over his head and we’ll find what he’s made of.

    Sidenote: Can anyone else hear Sharlie Joseph banging his head against the wall?

  26. I do think Edu has been through a bit of a slump this year and that he is definitely capable of more. At this point, we dont have the depth where we can give him up but I do think its a good move to let him go.

    Ill be disappointed if he does come back to the MLS anytime soon and plays for anyone but TFC. Especially as he will be over this slump.

    I do think people have been a bit too hard on Edu and expected too much. That being said, hes been surround by more talent and has had different demands made of him and he hasnt produced in the manner that was expected.

    Dude defo has talent and will be a great player.

  27. This is a good move for him, playing with Rangers can help him eventually to join an EPL club, look at what happened with Reyna, Arteta, Cuellar. If he succeeds with Rangers it will open up a bigger move for him in the future.


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