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SBI Fantasy EPL League is ready to go


The SBI Fantasy Premier League is ready to go.

After taking reader feedback into account, the SBI fantasy EPL league will once again run on the official EPL fantasy site. To join, send an email to with EPL fantasy in the subject line and I will register you on the site. In the meantime, you can register on the EPL site and select your team.

I will accept emails until midnight on Friday, but try to get your emails in ASAP to avoid any problems.

I will also be working on prizes for this year’s contest so stay tuned for more information on that.

Now go register.


  1. I sent the email yesterday and have yet to receive the invite to the SxI league…

    Any info on the code so I can register?

  2. Man, I can’t wait for this season to start.

    Quite excited about my fantasy team as well, seeing as how I’ve picked up both Friedel and Howard as my GKs. Vidic, Sagna, Brown and Shorey in defense. Essien, Carrick, Valencia and Bentley in midfield. Santa Cruz and Giovani up top.

    If Berbatov really leaves then Giovani will get more mins playing in the hole behind the striker.


  3. I love the EPL’s new feature of putting teams in head to head leagues along with the roto leagues of people you know. The site threw me in with 3 other amrericans, some brits, aussies, someone from singapore, malyasia and ireland.

  4. Redcard, as he says you have to email him and he’ll add you to the league.

    Some of these players, who haven’t seen a minute of EPL football in their lives and just arrived in the league, are grossly overpriced. Ouch.

  5. Ives, when we send you the email, are you in turn going to provide us with the code for the league? Thanks for the clarification.


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