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SBI is headed to Guatemala


Good morning all. Apologies for the lack of posts today but between this morning’s Olympic matches and my trip to Guatemala it will be tough to keep the normal post rate up (That said, there will be posts).

Yes, that’s right, I’m heading to the land of Carlos Ruiz today for tomorrow’s World Cup qualifier between the U.S. national team and Guatemala. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here is my preview of the match on

I’ll be in Guatemala City for a few days but will do my best to keep the posts coming even as I’m making the trek down. If any of you are from Guatemala, or have been there, please feel free to share any suggestions for places to go in Guatemala City.

Finally, since we’re on the subject of tomorrow night’s game, I figure I can ask the question. What do you think will happen in the USA-Guatemala World Cup qualifier? (Share your thoughts on the match below).


  1. omar- the only thing tim said about england is they are crap away from home and are the least creative team compared to the 3 friendlies we played….

    you’ve lost all credibility when you said the US should lose or tie so BB gets fired…. sacrificing WC chance in hopes to get someone fired is not the sign of a die hard yank…

    adu- new team

    jozy- new team

    KC- 1 game intl exp, and away match in hostile env. for WCQ

    i agree with you that BB needs to make some changes up top, but this is not the game for it…. i would rather us go there with experienced front line and watch us walk away with a 1-0 2-0 victory… KC is solid and i want him on the list but as others have pointed out, there is plenty of time… what KC needs to do is to continue what he’s doing….

  2. Hope you are safe and ready for today Ives!

    Will it be 0-0 tie or 0-1 loss for the USMNT or will Donovan & Co. manage to score for a 1-1 or 1-0 outcome?

  3. A typical result against Guatemala would be a tie, especially on the road, and some banged up American ankles. It’s gonna be ugly, but I’m hoping for a well-earned point.

  4. Why is everyone talking about Cooper? The international level is a little different from the MLS and I was not impressed with Cooper when he received a look on the int’l stage before breaking his leg last year. He isn’t a difference maker, just another warm body at a higher level.

  5. Get over adu, he was just one of the players i mentioned. Nobody has yet to explain to me why cooper or someone like wynne was left out while under performers like bocanegra, johnson, ching, and Onyewu are still called up. Tim, what the hell are you talking about we got man handled in every aspect of the england game were you even watching, and all of our scoring chances vs spain came from adu’s ability. I haven’t heard much about jamie trecker, but i know he gets paid to write about soccer while ppl like you can only blog and complain about a sport you don’t understand.


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