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SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 22


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The SBI MLS Power Rankings are back.

Okay, so maybe you didn’t miss the SBI MLS Power Rankings, but at least a few of you noticed their absence in recent weeks. I’ll blame the Olympics and my recent trip to Guatemala on their brief absence.

They’re back, and they look a bit different than the last time you saw them.

For one, New England isn’t on top (for now). Also, San Jose isn’t at the bottom. The Earthquakes are moving up with a bullet thanks to their infusion of talent and they just might be ready to push into a playoff spot with time to spare.

The Columbus Crew is the new top dog, with it’s recent 3-0 mauling of Real Salt Lake the latest evidence that this is no fluke. Columbus is for real.

Now, without further delay, here are this week’s SBI MLS Power Rankings:

SBI MLS Power Rankings

1. Columbus Crew (11-6-4)


Last Week: Beat Real Salt Lake, 3-0, last Saturday.

This Week: at FC Dallas on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 3-1-1

Outlook: The Crew stand tied with the Revs, but get the edge here for better recent results.

2. New England Revolution (11-6-4)


Last Week: Beat D.C. United, 2-1, last Wednesday, tied Toronto FC, 1-1, on Saturday.

This Week: vs. Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 2-2-1

Outlook: Revs have looked flat at times in recent weeks but having Matt Reis, Michael Parkhurst and Shalrie Joseph in the lineup together for the first time in weeks should help New England regain form.

3. Chicago Fire (10-6-5)


Last Week: Beat LA Galaxy, 1-0, last Thursday.

This Week: at Houston Dynamo on Sunday.

Last Five MLS Games: 3-1-1

Outlook: The Fire has slowly regained that early-season form and look like a good bet to make a case for the No. 1 seed in the East before all is said and done.

4. New York Red Bulls (8-6-7)


Last Week: Beat Houston, 3-0, on Sunday

This Week: at D.C. United on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 3-0-2

Outlook: Unbeaten in five and winners of three straight, new-look Red Bulls are hitting their stride, but tough road matches against D.C. and Chicago await.

5. Houston Dynamo (8-5-8)


Last Week: Beat Chivas USA, 4-0, on Wednesday, lost to the New York Red Bulls, 3-0, on Sunday.

This Week: vs. Chicago Fire on Sunday.

Last Five MLS Games: 4-1

Outlook: Dynamo was red hot before loss to the Red Bulls, a defeat due at least in part to fatigue.

6. D.C. United (10-10-1)


Last Week: Lost to New England, 2-1, on Wednesdy, beat Colorado, 3-0, on Saturday.

This Week: vs. New York Red Bulls on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 3-2

Outlook: D.C. has a chance to create some breathing room in the standings with a win against the Red Bulls.

7. Real Salt Lake (7-8-6)


Last Week: Lost to Columbus, 3-0, on Saturday.

This Week: vs. Colorado Rapids on Friday.

Last Five MLS Games: 2-2-1

Outlook: Not many excuses for being dismantled by Columbus. Home game against Rapids could stem the tide, but more road tests await.

8. FC Dallas (6-7-8)


Last Week: tied Kansas City, 1-1, last Saturday.

This Week: vs. Columbus Crew on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 2-1-2

Outlook: Hoops face Columbus just two weeks after dropping 2-1 decision at Crew Stadium. Can the newcomers hit their stride in time to help FC Dallas keep its playoff spot?

9. Kansas City Wizards (6-7-8)


Last Week: Tied FC Dallas, 1-1, last Saturday.

This Week: at San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 1-2-2

Outlook: A must-win for the Wizards, who currently sit five points out of a playoff spot, a total that could move up to six points with a loss. Getting a point, let alone a win, won’t be easy against the surging Earthquakes.

10. Toronto FC (7-9-5)


Last Week: Tied New England, 1-1, on Saturday.

This Week: at Chivas USA on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 1-3-1

Outlook: Can newcomers Carlos Ruiz and Johann Smith spark the attack? TFC will need it in what amounts to a must-win.

11. San Jose Earthquakes (5-9-7)


Last Week: Tied Chivas USA, 0-0, on Saturday.

This Week: vs. Kansas City Wizards on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 2-0-3

Outlook: A win and FC Dallas loss pulls San Jose within a point of the final playoff spot. Earthquakes stumbled a bit against Chivas USA, but home date against struggling Wizards is just what the doctor ordered.

12. Colorado Rapids (7-11-3)


Last Week: Lost to D.C. United, 3-0, on Saturday.

This Week: at Real Salt Lake on Friday.

Last Five MLS Games: 2-2-1

Outlook: Gary Smith era not off to the best start. That can change Friday, where a win can pull them into a tie for second in the West. A loss could drop them as many as four points out of a playoff spot.

13. Chivas USA (6-9-6)


Last Week: Lost to Houston, 4-0, last Wednesday; tied San Jose, 0-0, on Saturday.

This Week: vs. Toronto FC on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 0-3-2

Outlook: Injuries are crushing the Goats, who will need a win vs. TFC to avoid dropping to last place in the West.

14. Los Angeles Galaxy (6-9-6)


Last Week: Lost to Chicago, 1-0, last Thursday.

This Week: at New England Revolution on Saturday.

Last Five MLS Games: 0-3-2

Outlook: LA hasn’t won in more than two months and finding a win on the road against the Revs will be very difficult. Yes, LA is just two points out of a playoff spot, but with a tough sked remaining, and Landon Donovan and David Beckham likely to miss matches due to call-ups, Bruce Arena’s may want to start thinking about 2009, if he hasn’t already.


What do you think of this week’s rankings? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Finally, the Galaxy gets ranks where it deserves to be all along!

    BTW, don’t be surprised if the Earthquakes make the playoffs. Huckerby has given new offensive life to that team and Lima is underrated as a holding midfielder.

  2. But LAG has BUDDLE!!! that should put them up another 3 spots, at least! and he should get a call-up to the national team!

  3. no not at all, I’m saying RBNY’s last 2 games were against 2 teams they spanked but yet some find controversial to be under RBNY in the rankings. Last time Revs played Fire was about 5 games ago, say Fire beats Revs last saturday then I’d have to agree with you

  4. metro- you compare points, yet the fire are a mere 2 points behind both Clb and NE…. one could say that any team within a single game of topping could be compared in such a light….

    after saying that, i understood your point all along. simply playing devil’s advocate 😀

  5. Wilt,

    Size was nver an issue with Thornton. I used to marvel at how quick he was for his size.

    I think the cheeseburgers may have finally caught up with him.

  6. Geez, why so many CAPS and punctuation. It’s a subjective analysis meant to provoke discussion. The only thing wrong with the rankings is that the Galaxy (my team) should have been ranked at the bottom five weeks ago. Their play last week should have moved them up in the rankings from so bad they can’t be given a number to number 14.

    Ives, I’m addicted to your site and you are awesome. However, grammar police alert: a person is “biased,” but can’t “be bias.” But, you can have “a bias.” Annoying grammar lecture over.

  7. Ives, you’re totally right-and Brett, that’s not what I’m saying. You can’t compare Revs and Fire because Revs are ahead pointswise-the case I made was for RBNY being ahead of DCU and Dynamo because RBNY is tied with or very near those 2 teams (and just spanked them)

  8. Kevin, I appreciate the enthusiasm and the fact that you are a regular, but SERIOUSLY? You go on a rant about me being biased because I have the Red Bulls ranked fourth instead of sixth? You rant because I ranked the Red Bulls ahead of two teams they have beaten by a combined score of 7-1 in the past three weeks? Really? Please explain that one to me.

    I was all set to make Houston highly ranked before Sunday’s drubbing and truth be told, Red Bulls and D.C. are interchangeable. The tie-breaker is the fact that the Red Bulls smoked them three weeks ago and are unbeaten in five matches.

    Maybe it seems odd for the Red Bulls to be ranked so high but teams four through seven are all pretty damn close. I went with my order and believe I have pretty logical arguments for why I put them in that order. I don’t mind someone disagreeing, but for you to scream about me being biased doesn’t really make much sense.

    Then again, you’re the same guy who pretended to be a Fire fan in order to rile up Red Bulls fans so I’m sure this is just your attempt to stir the pot. Whatever works I suppose.

  9. WOW IVES. BIASED MUCH??? Seriously? Like…really? Will we see a post tomorrow that says “just kidding guyssss”?

    The New Jersey Red Bulls are NOT deserving of FOURTH. DC United doesn’t either, so don’t think I’m just biased in that I’m a United fan. No, 4 should be Houston, 5 United, 6 Red Bulls.

    Jesus. I don’t care if this blog is primarily a blog for the Metrobulls or whatever their freaking name is, people from all over the country read it. Make it fair and reasonable.

  10. Seems just. I’d venture that the Dynamo are a little high, but I’m sure they’ll rpove you right by the end of the season. If the Fire develop some chemistry up top and find solid roles for their 5 attackers they could roll off a bunch of wins at the end. If they don’t expect more scoreless draws, 1-nil wins and occasional 1-nil loses.

    Nice to see Barrett scoring some goals. I haven’t been paying attention has he shanked any tap ins yet?

  11. I don’t see DC winning this weekend without Gallardo and Fred, turf or no turf.

    That said, I don’t think one loss puts Houston below NY. Houston still has more points, more wins in the last 5, more depth and a more balanced squad.

    I agree with Nicole that Chivas USA should be below LA. Injuries have just decimated Chivas this year, they look completely out of sorts.

    The Quakes also haven’t lost in 5, that should put them above KC for sure (who can’t find an offensive groove) and perhaps also Toronto (who can find offense and deserve to be higher than KC).

  12. metrostar 4 life – if thats the case metro, perhaps the Fire should be above NE for stomping them 9-1 this season in all 3 games??

  13. oliver and tim are out of their minds, no matter what the outcome saturday, RBNY deserve that spot-when you lose 4 to 1 you can tell whos better, besides before their last match vs DCU RBNY played FCB like 3 days earlier

  14. How weird is DC’s record? They are second in the league in wins with 10 (after NE and CLB) and second in the league in losses (behind COL)… Heck San Jose and LA have lost fewer games than DC, but only 2 teams have won more. I guess for a DC fan it’s all or nuthin’ eh?

  15. Red Bulls slaughtered DC because DC was looking toward the US open Cup Semi final against New England. DC also isn’t very good on turf. Watch for a nothing high scoring affair in the next match. DC will win by 2 goals at the very least.

  16. IVES,

    Off topic, but did you see the pictures of Red Bull Park construction on MLSRumors? It would be great to get some additional insight from you.

  17. nicole- kept the fire at bay… we clearly had the best chances… LA’s chances on goal were few and far between….most of which were routine pickups by busch…

    where Cronin had to break his back to keep LA from dropping points… i dont think LA “held up pretty well against your No. 3 Chicago Fire”….. more like “lucky 2-3 more goals didnt pop in”…

    the only reason i was on the edge of my seat is b/c i felt the fire would let a late goal in… such i am customed from years previous :-/

  18. Being at the bottom of tables and missing playoffs has never stopped the Galaxy from being the jewel of MLS before, but does it now that Lalas is gone?

  19. LA should be higher than Chivas. They held up pretty well against your No. 3 Chicago Fire, while Chivas was crushed by your No. 5 Houston Dynamo…and they have the same record in their last 5 games.

  20. Oliver, they’re tied on points and the Red Bulls just smoked DC 4-1 two weeks ago. So why should DC be ahead of them? They’re pretty even and we will see what’s what on Saturday.


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