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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. It’s a quiet Sunday in the soccer world. The Olympics are behind us now, but the Italian and Spanish leagues are a week away from kicking off. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some good matches worth watching.

Here is the schedule of games on TV today:


  • 8:30am- Setanta USA- Chelsea at Wigan
  • 11am- FSC- West Ham United at Manchester City
  • 11am- GolTV- Eintracht Frankfurt at Cologne
  • 11am- Setanta USA- Plymouth at Swansea
  • 2:45pm- RAI- Inter Milan vs. Roma (Italian Super Cup)
  • 3pm- Telefutura- Houston Dynamo at New York Red Bulls
  • 4pm- FSC- Valencia at Real Madrid (Spanish Super Cup)
  • 6pm- FSC- Lanus at Boca Juniors
  • 6:30pm- GolTV- Millonarios at Pereira

If you’re a Serie A fan you can also watch the Italian Super Cup on RAI between Inter Milan and Roma.

If you will be watching some soccer today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play from your matches in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. Spanish SuperCup was a great match to watch, but the FSC telecast was marred by some of the worst commentating I’ve ever heard. Much worse the Marcelo Balboa.

    The moronic announcer didn’t even understand how a two-game, aggregate goals series works. First, when the game was 3-1 Madrid, he didn’t understand that a goal by Valencia would tie the aggregate score (presumably putting it to a shootout) – the idiot kept saying that it was all over and Madrid had won the SuperCup. And then after RM and Valencia had each scored again, the announcer kept saying that the Valencia score (to make it 4-2, and 6-5 on aggregate, Madrid) was irrelevant… even though one more Valencia score would have won them the SuperCup on away goals. In fact, the announcer was so completely idiotic that he said that the officials should not have any stoppage time in games where the result was decided… all the while Valencia only needed one more goal to win the Cup!

    I don’t know who was announcing the game, but if you can’t even understand the basic strucutre of an two-match, aggregate score series, you should not be anywhere near a national telecast.

  2. I can’t find this anywhere and need to know before I head to the Red Bulls game: Does anyone know what time the Italian super cup is on here on the East Coast?


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