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The All-Active Former Red Bulls/Metros Team


If you’re a Red Bulls fan the above picture probably just put a tear in your eye. Jozy Altidore was a bonafide goal-scoring threat, a budding star with a limitless future. Now he’s gone to Europe.

Red Bulls fans should be used to it by now, talented players leaving and excelling elsewhere. It’s become a tradition, one that is magnified these days by the glaring lack of talent on the current Red Bulls roster. It almost seems like you can’t watch an MLS match without seeing a former MetroStar or Red Bull playing well.

With this in mind, here is the All-former Metros/Red Bulls team, made up of former players who are STILL playing first division soccer in MLS and around the world:

———–Edson Buddle—–Jozy Altidore———

——————-Amado Guevara—————–

Brad Davis—————————–Eddie Gaven

———-Ricardo Clark——Michael Bradley—-

Ramiro Corrales——————–Marvell Wynne

——————Daniel Hernandez——————

——————–Tim Howard———————-

BENCH– Zach Wells, Ezra Hendrickson, Danny O’Rourke, Jason Hernandez, Dema Kovalenko, Jaime Moreno, Sergio Galvan Rey, Ante Razov

HEAD COACH– Carlos Quieroz

ASSISTANT COACHES– Bob Bradley, Carlos Alberto Parreira

Not a bad squad is it? Slightly better than the current squad and I would have to say this group would be an MLS title favorite right about now.

Did I forget anybody? Please share your thoughts on this team and potential additions to the squad in the comments section below.


  1. wait Ives, is this based on their achievements with the club, or their overall soccer achievements?

    if for overall achievements, then I’d say

    Jozy A.- – -Jaime Moreno



    Tim Howard

    If not retired or active:

    Clint Mathis, Magee, Pope, JP Angel, Meola, Gaven, Lisi, Djorkaeff, Reyna

    P.S. I love how some MLS fans say RBNY suck, but honestly, look at how many people we’ve lost to retirement, injuries, transfers, etc. Imagine if we still had Bradley, Howard, Jozy, Wynne, Buddle, etc.

  2. Just had question. Wanted to know the inside track on JPA of the Red Bulls. Is he coming back next year? Are the Red Bulls going to offer him the money he wants? I hope they do not let him go because the is main the reason I go to the stadium to watch the games and think he should be their number 1 priority.

  3. A 3-man backline consisting of two wingbacks and a defensive midfielder? Yikes, that team would lose every game 6-4.

    Haven’t NYRB ever employed a good defender?

  4. Hey “4now”,

    That really is an overpowering lineup you posted. Especially considering the fact that you have 12 men on the field. No wonder you guys are a bunch of cry babies.

  5. While MLS has mostly been doing the right things, it escapes me how the largest media market (NYC) is so outrageously mismanaged with a mediocre team as RBNY.

    Another gem is the very thought of putting a franchise into Ottawa. Are they nuts?

  6. If the salary cap stays at these levels then we will never see world class soccer in America. The Red Bulls front office has been a joke besides signing Angel and bringing in JCO (great moves). Better days are ahead my friends but MLS needs to raise the salary cap, even if it gets bumped to 5 million.. that is still not high enough but I don’t think the cap will change significantly anytime soon. JCO has all the ability in the world among versatile coaches who can bring in talent but the team cannot afford it with the cap. We had the best young american player in the world in Jozy but he’s gone so I hate hearing that the Redbulls stay away from youth. I say raise the cap or this league will have to stick to relying on over age 30 players to fill designated player slots and lead the teams. I am a RedBull season ticket holder and continue to shake my head at bad football every game I attend. Hope it improves……I think it will in time


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